The kind of language a paranoid police state uses…

The kind of language a paranoid police state uses… July 11, 2013

just before it starts rounding up the Catholics and other undesirables:

“The FBI is asking private security personnel to be on the lookout for employees with ‘a desire to help the “underdog” or a particular cause,’ those who are ‘James Bond Wannabe[s], and anyone with a ‘divided loyalty: allegiance to another person or company or to a country besides the United States.'”

The Vatican is a country and the Pope is the sovereign ruler of that state.  Such “divided loyalties” crap can be and has been used in the past to lock up Catholics.

Look, I get that this is a response to Assange, Snowden, and similar whistleblowers.  But this kind of institutional response, in language this broad, is an engraved invitation to state brutality if the state decides to panic after the next terrorist attack or domestic crisis.  Obama’s increasingly draconian attempt to create a police state and call it “safety” will only end in catastrophe if we don’t resist it, first with laughter.

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