A Brazilian reader notes two incidents from WYD

A Brazilian reader notes two incidents from WYD August 7, 2013

He writes:

– A Pentecostal church in the favela is located in front of the place the Pope spoke to the people. This church lead a vigil the whole night before the visit making a lot of noise and pestering the neighbours as a form of protest and resistance against the Pope’s presence in the community. When the Pope arrived, he saw the church and said “let’s go there to salute them”. He went to the church, praised the pastors, prayed a Our Father together with them saying that we all who follow Christ are His children. The church then opened its building offering water, the bathrooms and shelter for those who were attending the Pope meeting.

– In Campina Grande, in the day of the final Mass, a pentecosal couple entered a Catholic church asking to baptise their children and themselves into the Catholic faith. The astonished priest asked “why?”. The answer from the couple were two words: “Pope Francis”.

As a Brazilian, I say that I expect more to come….

I love this guy.

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