Brad Birzer Verily Doth Rock

Brad Birzer Verily Doth Rock August 2, 2013

Here he is, being awesome:

Western man stood on the field, watching the Horsemen and their hordes advance. Did they really have to choose? And, if so, what to choose? Things that made him comfortable; or things that made him human? The enemy offered death and destruction, but western man no longer understood what he was, who he was, what he stood for, or who stood with him. Love had been replaced by lust; honor had been replaced by contract; community had been replaced by “alternative lifestyles”; desire had been replaced by avarice.

But, hope came. It always does. Sometimes, it just takes awhile. Most of all it demands a soul to listen, a conscience to awaken, an anamnesis. And, the Lord never forsakes His people, at least not permanently.

Our strength—and it is the strength that created and built the world—is the mightiest in time or eternity. It comes from the One: the One who is of the Three; the One who “leapt from thy royal throne in heaven into the midst of that doomed land like a relentless warrior, bearing the sharp sword of thy inflexible decree, and stood and filled it all with death, his head touching the heavens, his feet on earth”; the One who became fully man while remaining fully God; the One who opened his arms and died on a piece of wood, betrayed by all but one of his closest male friends; the One who made us, who made the world upon which we stand, the One who will bring all things back to himself in right order. We never need doubt the One, the Word Made Flesh who Dwelt Among Us and Sits at His Father’s Right Hand. Even the earth—the rocks and the stones—cries out in love of Him: “I tell you, if my disciples keep silence the stones will shout aloud.” Have we—humans bearing the Imago Dei—not a better voice than the rocks? Indeed, He has sent many voices, many women and men as his servants, whether they knew it or not. They spoke the truth, His Truth.

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