By What Authority: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition–Revised and Expanded

By What Authority: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition–Revised and Expanded August 26, 2013

…is out from Ignatius Press! Yay!

In this newly updated, expanded version of his popular work of apologetics, Shea presents a lively and entertaining look at his conversion to Catholicism from Evangelicalism and his discovery of Christian tradition. As an Evangelical, Shea accepted the principle of “sola scriptura” (Scripture alone) as the basis of faith. Now as a Catholic convert, he skillfully explains how and why Sacred Tradition occupies a central role in Divine Revelation.

Tracing his own journey of intellectual and spiritual awakening, Shea begins by looking for a rejoinder to those modern-day false prophets who would claim that Scripture itself is not to be trusted, and ends with his conviction that tradition, as explained by the Catholic Church, is the only sure guarantee of the truth of the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Praise for By What Authority:

“A crystal clear and compelling case for Sacred Tradition, on the basis of logic, history and Scripture. It is simply the best I have found.” – Scott Hahn, Author, Rome Sweet Home

“This is not just another book of Catholic apologetics. It is not only a good think; it’s also a good read. Concrete, clear, compelling arguments.” – Peter Kreeft, Author, Handbook of Catholic Apologetics

“An important service for Catholics, Evangelicals and all those seeking a firm grounding for Faith. Shea argues powerfully for the extra-biblical authority of Sacred Tradition as a depository and source of revelation side by side with the Bible, to which it testifies and which it interprets with authority.” – Russell Shaw, Author, American Church

You can order (signed!) copies from Yr. Obdt. Svt. by clicking on the beautiful new cover art below, thus providing yourself with a good read for anybody trying to understand the case for Sacred Tradition while simultaneously providing him with much-needed shekels for the food, drink, clothing, and shelter his wife and children continue to need on a daily basis.

You can also get it in prc-kindle, epub-nook, and ipad formats.

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  • Sherry Weddell

    Mark – I really like the new cover! Guess I’ll have to get another autographed copy, eh?

    • chezami


  • I liked it so much, I had no choice but to blog about it!

  • Hooray! As you know, Mark, the first edition of this book of yours helped me immensely back in 2005 when I was looking into the Catholic Church from the outside.

  • Rebecca Duncan

    Good book!

  • Great book! I’ve read and enjoyed it several times. I see it’s revised and expanded now. . . . hmm, I might have to get the Kindle version. Great new cover too.

    Keep ’em coming, Mark.

  • Yes, I too came across this book (actually given to me) several years ago. Jesus gave the Church all of His Authority here on earth. In the Old Testament to give someone “keys” meant you were giving them authority. Jesus Christ gave St. Peter the “keys”.