Duuuuuuuuude! August 17, 2013

Matthew Fox long ago got tired of old and busted regular boring Christianity.

Solution: The Cosmic Mass!

Matthew Fox, for those of you pups too young too remember, was once a Dominican. He flipped out and got all into New Age cotton candy, featuring magical mystical bears and witches and who knows what all. A Midwest Dominican who somehow set up shop in San Francisco, he hung out there for years, doing his silly fluff until at long last his superior told him to shut up and come home. At this point, he humbly took out a full page ad announcing, “I HAVE BEEN SILENCED” and sometime after that made the most disastrous career choice a dissenting priest can make: he left the Catholic Church to go join the Thing that Used to be Episcopalianism.

(About the same time, the Duchess of Kent left the Anglican communion and became a Catholic. A friend remarked, “Oh goody! A hostage exchange!”)

Now, poor Matthew is just one more flake–and a rather mediocre one–in a communion filled with clerical flakes. When the highest muckety muck in your communion is denouncing St. Paul’s intolerance and lack of diversity for not welcoming demons, you and your Cosmic Mass are small beer, Matt.

Meanwhile, in the land of grown-up adult non-narcissists with an ability to conceive of responsibility to God and others, meet Fr. Patrick Allen.

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