It’s not the similarity between Obama and Trayvon Martin

It’s not the similarity between Obama and Trayvon Martin August 1, 2013

It’s the dissimilarity between Obama and George Zimmerman.

When Obama murders a teenaged American without evidence, arrest, judge, jury, or verdict, simply by sentencing him to death by his Royal and Unilateral Will alone, nobody will ever put him on trial.  And Obama can’t even claim that the kid was beating his head into the sidewalk.

Here is the Arab devil he saved us from.

One of the less-acknowledged morals of the Zimmerman-Martin tragedy is that the rule of law is for little people, and emphatically not his Royal Highness Barack Obama.  If it bothers you that Zimmerman stood trial and was not found guilty, why doesn’t it bother you even more that His Imperial Majesty did not and will not ever have to answer so much as a single question from a lawyer about butchering that kid, much less stand trial for it?

Answer: the vast majority of the people donning hoodies (and the overwhelming majority vendors of fake dudgeon in our media) like Obama and don’t care about that kid he killed.  It’s as simple as that.  But just to make sure you don’t think about that too much, His Serene Majesty is quite happy to direct your attention to George Zimmerman, who is a *much* greater threat than a President with a 007 and zero accountability.

I sometimes think there has to be a bottom to the hypocrisy and cynicism of our Ruling Class and the fake dudgeon of our state-run media.  But they always manage to show me I’m wrong.

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