It’s not the similarity between Obama and Trayvon Martin

It’s not the similarity between Obama and Trayvon Martin August 1, 2013

It’s the dissimilarity between Obama and George Zimmerman.

When Obama murders a teenaged American without evidence, arrest, judge, jury, or verdict, simply by sentencing him to death by his Royal and Unilateral Will alone, nobody will ever put him on trial.  And Obama can’t even claim that the kid was beating his head into the sidewalk.

Here is the Arab devil he saved us from.

One of the less-acknowledged morals of the Zimmerman-Martin tragedy is that the rule of law is for little people, and emphatically not his Royal Highness Barack Obama.  If it bothers you that Zimmerman stood trial and was not found guilty, why doesn’t it bother you even more that His Imperial Majesty did not and will not ever have to answer so much as a single question from a lawyer about butchering that kid, much less stand trial for it?

Answer: the vast majority of the people donning hoodies (and the overwhelming majority vendors of fake dudgeon in our media) like Obama and don’t care about that kid he killed.  It’s as simple as that.  But just to make sure you don’t think about that too much, His Serene Majesty is quite happy to direct your attention to George Zimmerman, who is a *much* greater threat than a President with a 007 and zero accountability.

I sometimes think there has to be a bottom to the hypocrisy and cynicism of our Ruling Class and the fake dudgeon of our state-run media.  But they always manage to show me I’m wrong.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    About 99% of teens wear hoodies. It’s only the very loose style and certain symbols that are associated with crime/gangs.

    Excellent point though. My only comfort is that no one escaped justice forever.

    • OTOH, 99% of teens don’t wander aimlessly around neighbourhoods,at night, in the rain, peering into windows, either.

      • Rebecca Fuentes

        No, and if I was walking my dog at night and saw anyone, dressed in any fashion, doing that, I’d be suspicious. I just feel like the focus on hoodies in the media has been silly. I taught teens for years. Teens wear hoodies.

        • The Deuce

          Of course the focus on hoodies is silly. That’s why the media, which is invested in the narrative that Zimmerman killed Travyon for silly reasons (ie. just because he was wearing a hoodie), keeps focusing on it

  • kirthigdon

    Update on Zimmerman – he was pulled over for speeding in Texas while carrying a gun in his car. The latter is not illegal, but it is certainly risky to arm yourself and then attract the unfavorable attention of cops, just as it is risky to arm yourself and follow people around your neighborhood. He has not yet learned to act with prudence and if he keeps on this way, he will shoot someone else to death, be shot to death himself, or both. You heard it here first.
    Kirt Higdon

    • Stu

      It’s risky to be armed and get pulled over for speeding? Really? Not where I am from.

      The man has a firearm now more than ever because people have been very public about their intent to kill him.

  • JM1001

    Great post.

    When it was revealed that 16-year-old Abdulrahman was killed in a drone strike, most Obama apologists sounded a lot like George Zimmerman: “He must have been doing something suspicious.” And then, without any sense of inconsistency, they would turn around and denounce Zimmerman’s finding Trayvon “suspicious.”

    To take one example, I swear, these two tweets are from the same person: (About Trayvon Martin) (About Abdulrahman Awlaki)

    And this sort of cognitive dissonance-inducing stuff is common among Obama apologists who talk about Abdulrahman (which they rarely do, if at all).

  • Shawna Mathieu

    So, everyone’s really upset that the decision of the trial does not agree with their own decision. And because they don’t agree, they’re going to do all they can to give Zimmerman the “punishment” they feel he deserve, as well as punishing any and all people who disagree with them. Making a big deal about the gun in his car (which was perfectly legal), and dismissing his saving of accident victims as a publicity stunt is disgusting. It’s almost like people are trying to drive him to suicide.

    • kirthigdon

      In fact, Shawna, I agree with the jury’s verdict in the trial, given that Zimmerman was overcharged. For the same reason, I agreed with the jury verdict in the Casey Anthony case. A charge of negligent homicide in either of those might have resulted in a different verdict. I also stated, in another post, that I think Zimmerman tries to do good and I did not dismiss his saving of accident victims as a publicity stunt. Nor did I say that the gun in his car was illegal; I said it was not illegal. I do think that more death and destruction will follow Zimmerman (his own and/or others’) if he persists in carrying a gun. I don’t think that “he who takes the sword will perish by the sword” applies only to swords.
      Kirt Higdon

  • On Abdulrahman, I can’t square your linked story with your attitude. It certainly should be investigated and we should find out what happened. Was the boy accidentally killed or killed on purpose for whatever reason? The Gibbs quote in the story makes it sound like the administration is dog whistling Al Queda that we’re starting to accidentally on purpose kill their uninvolved family. That sort of activity would just be out of bounds and would be a war crime.

    It’s too early to call it murder and you make it less likely that there will be an investigation when you jump the gun like this.

  • I would like to know why I never knew of the brutal slayings of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom until today? It’s unfathomable that their tragic story has not been made known to our entire country. Oh wait, they were a young white couple and their evil killers were young blacks. Silly me.