Jody Bottum: God’s Good Servant, but the King’s First

Jody Bottum: God’s Good Servant, but the King’s First August 24, 2013

He takes a massively huge amount of words to work up to saying he never really gave much of shit about the gay marriage stuff that the Church is on about and he would now like the Church to just surrender on that point, pretend there is such a thing, and get behind the Rockefeller Republican agenda of pretending to give a shit about prolifers while supporting crony capitalism, double malt scotch, and war for hedonistic democratic capitalism around the world.

First Things does the autopsy.

Look. If he wants to say, “Most Americans oppose the Church on this and realism dictates facing that fact” he gets no argument from me. But he’s saying, “The Church needs to get with the program and pretend gay ‘marriage’ is something other than a fantasy agreed upon by a culture that is radically out of touch with reality.” His core message is “Surrender”, not “Maintain the Tradition in a hostile culture.”

Meanwhile the most significant word in the piece are not in the piece:

Funding for this essay has been provided by a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation.

30 pieces of silver? The Red Dragon insignia for the Attorney General’s office of Wales?

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