Recently, I wrote a piece on Christian Democracy…

Recently, I wrote a piece on Christian Democracy… August 15, 2013

which you can read here.

I said, in part:

Christian democracy must, by the nature of the case, confront the fact that man is fallen and requires a savior. It’s not all “Fanfare for the Common Man.” As the Athenians discovered when their democratic civilization committed suicide in the Peloponnesian War, pure democracy is a fertile seedbed for mob rule and cheap demagogues. Democracy is that form of government that says “Give us Barabbas!”

And now, behold!:

I hate being right all the time.

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  • Tyler Horner

    Its always interesting to watch Mark Dice’s videos, and the way he makes people see what he wants them to see. The problem is, he’s done the same with the Catholic Church and depicted the Church as a monstrosity on Earth.

    I’m not a big fan of that.

    • Joe

      It doesn’t thrill me either, but I stopped myself from committing the “genetic fallacy.” What he is doing with this video is very valuable.

    • Silly Interloper

      Wow. Besides the fact that he is lying to elicit the embarrassing responses, after a quick google, he really is a piece of work.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    These “man on the street” videos, while depressing, don’t do that much for me anymore. I’ve realized that people taking polls or quizzes from random people can yield everything from people saying stupid things, or others just trolling, to people taking it very seriously.

    Guess which ones make the edited cut.

  • Chesire11

    I very much enjoyed the essay on Christian Democracy, and even shared it on my fb page, but walk up to the average guy in the street and present him with a petition and he’ll sign anything, as long as you act confident.