Disloyal American Blogger Posts Political Humor

Disloyal American Blogger Posts Political Humor September 6, 2013

My Peace Plan:

My current plan for peace involves Rand Paul quietly introducing a resolution to strap Congress to Tomahawks and fire them into Antarctica. He can do it while McCain is distracted playing online poker.

Why pursue this wise and innovative course of action?

For the obvious reason that the resulting explosions will only kill America’s enemies and no innocents will be harmed–a true rarity in war. Obama can then be sent to Antarctica to do environmental cleanup (something our Ruling Class never does after it launches a war) and, when finished, he can be left there as a nutritional supplement for the struggling polar bear population.

Stopping our launch of a futile and stupid war *and * helping endangered species. It’s Win Wn and a return to the American tradition of Can Do Innovation! I see no down side to my plan.

Come and get me, NSA!

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