Free Beer!

Free Beer! October 16, 2013

Quartermaster of the Barque announces Voter Appreciation Day set for October 26!

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  • Hezekiah Garrett

    It does a sailor good to know Peter’s barque has such an able quartermaster!

    Our QM couldn’t filter aftershave through a loaf of bread on the USS Shiloh!

  • Mark, thanks for helping me get the word out about this! You and yours have a standing invitation whenever you travel south and find yourself in my neck of the woods. PLEASE contact me.

    You too, Hezekiah. Aftershave isn’t a great ingredient.


    • chezami

      Thanks for the offer. Alas, I am one of those weird people who doesn’t like beer, but I’d be glad to shake your hand!

      • Mark, I knew that. Fortunately dispensing Catholic joy means more than beer. Pints AND provisions. I cure my own guinciale (pancetta and prosciutto, too) in order to make things like carbonara and amatriciana, as good not found outside Rome. Boy, when we brag it sure sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?Anyway, there’s more than beer and my hand to shake if you come. Even Fr might show up.

        • chezami

          Now you’re talking!