Friar Roderick Burke Commits Grave Sins of Faith, Hope and Love

Friar Roderick Burke Commits Grave Sins of Faith, Hope and Love October 4, 2013

…instead of doing his duty as a Real Catholic and panicking about Bad Pope Francis and his imminent destruction of the Church based on The Latest Rumor from Wherever. He writes:

The Data from the Questionnaire of the Visitation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate has been published on Vatican Insider. Here is a translation in English:

What is certainly clear is that there were more than just a handful of friars who had a problem with the governance of the institute and how the TLM was introduced. I think it is important to get the word out on this because the Pope has been accused acting rashly by restricting the use of the TLM at the complaint of a mere handful. This shows that the Pope had to act.

This kind of failure to Get Really Mad on a hair trigger one lays the Church wide open to outbreaks of wimpy charity and hope. Keep this up and Catholics are going to start trusting God to guide and provide for his Church and stop trying to save it through suspicion, paranoia, hopelessness, and angry defeatism.

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  • Dave G.

    I figure those who are worried about what Francis is saying are either wrong or right to be worried. Those who are defending Francis and saying he has done or said nothing wrong are either wrong or right. Right now, it looks as if everything he has done or said can be explained and defended. But in only a few months, half of everything he has done has needed either explained or defended. Why? I don’t know. But only time will tell. I’m no expert, but it seems as of now he’s fine and simply a Pope from a non-European context ministering to people who don’t have the same viewpoint as Europeans (or Americans for that matter). But again, time will tell. Which is why I don’t spend my time blasting those defending him or questioning him. I don’t have a crystal ball.

    • S. Murphy

      “but it seems as of now he’s fine and simply a Pope from a non-European
      context ministering to people who don’t have the same viewpoint as
      Europeans (or Americans for that matter)”
      I’m no expert either, but I think this is the key. He’s just not like what we’re used to.

    • BillyT92679

      in academia, there is a mostly bullshit term, but I think it works here. Strangeness. It’s often used when discussing Eurocentric views vis-a-vis the global south or Asia or whatever. There is a strangeness to Francis to our views that we just do not understand, but it doesn’t mean he is wrong in any way.

      Mark always uses that analogy of the stop sign in the Mojave to contrast Civil vs Common Law. Francis is a Roman Civil Law Pope and we’re American/English Common Law people We talk past each other.

  • ivan_the_mad

    From my vantage point on the right, it was not encouraging to see the disparate assumptions at work in the two notable and recent apostolic visitations, the one to the LCWR and the other to Franciscans of the Immaculate.

    With such things, one must have patience and take a long view of events, which does not comport with the twenty-four hour news cycle and the knee-jerk surety prompted by the WWW. Reasonable voices such as Fr. Z’s urged such, although they were not well heeded. Will we see an acknowledgement of rash judgement on the part of those who enjoyed this opportunity to impugn the Pope? I am doubtful. Much like any conspiracy, the facts exclusively either serve as confirmation or are to be ignored.

  • Rosemarie


    Slightly off-topic, but I have to say: God bless Pope Francis on this feast of St. Francis of Assisi.

  • the rein man

    Unfortunately, facts won’t satisfy those who are smarter than the pope. Then the outcry was, “this was caused by just a few evil dissident friars” and today (when we know that isn’t true) it’s “pope Francis should not have restricted the TLM regardless of the circumstances.” They will not be happy until they schism “for the greater good of the Church.”

  • Stu

    This comment has nothing to do with the rightness or wrongness of the Pope’s actions on this. At the end of the day, he is in charge so outside of mandating mortal sin his ruling is lawful and requires obedience. But for that same reason, I do find the use of a survey for a religious order a bit odd.

  • defiant12314

    Dear Mark

    Why are you obessesed with bashing trads? Do you not realize that there are a great number of people (including Priests, Bishops and Religious) who hate the Church and her teachings and who have worked overtime to bring the structure down from within ? Now instead of bashing those of us who would like to return to the days when you could trust what Father said from the pulpit without having to cross reference St Thomas and ‘shock’ would like a reverent liturgy where we’re not treated to kumbyah as opening antiphon, communion hymn and recessional can you actually start bashing the liberals?

    As for the old liturgy I am fully convinced that even if you say the new rite reverently you are effectively left with the old rite, minus 1/3 of the prayers that used to be there. Also can you not see that in restricting the usage of the old rite for one particular order the Pope gave the impression (as the Pope emeritus has noted) that Summorum Pontificum can be done away with on a case by case basis because some people claim that it ‘isn’t pastoral enough’ (or some other pathetic excuse). Generally said people tend to be the enemies of reverence, Church Doctrine and anything vaguely Catholic. For those of us (sadly I cannot count myself among their number) who fought for over 40 years for the right to Worship according to the way our fathers worshiped and to go into a Church where the Truth of the Faith is being taught rather than a heretical substitute this comes as a bit of a worry as we are concerned that it could be used as a stick to beat us with (believe me there is nothing so closed minded and dictatorial as a so called liberal).

    In last month’s post “I’ve been an angry jerk of late” you say that you cannot stand ‘reactionaries self pity’, since you’re a well traveled man I would invite you to the Fraternity of St Peter Parish in Britain and listen to the horror stories of the parishioners who were abused by Priests and Bishops for the crime of simply wanting to worship according to the books of 1962 and for holding to the Catholic Faith whilst the hierarchy around them disintegrated.

    Good Day


    • chezami

      I’m not. Why are you so obsessed with self-pity when somebody points out that critics of the Pope were way the hell out of line in attacking him for this perfectly reasonable move?

      • defiant12314


        You fail to understand WHY these people are worried about the direction that the Pope is taking the Church.

        • chezami

          No I don’t. It’s because they lack faith and trust and so believe that it is on their humble shoulders to protect the Church from the Pope. The technical name for it is the sin of Pride.

          • defiant12314

            That is a bold assertion to make Mark, so lets look at things.

            Over the past 50 years the Faith has been virtually wiped out, even the Catholics who GO to Mass support intrinsic evils at the same rate as the general population (in the US), now when the Holy Father says something that lends itself to being twisted by those who hate the Church they get worried. When the Pope suppresses the use of the Traditional Mass for one Congregation he gives the impression that it can be suppressed on a case by case basis, those of us who love the Old Mass get worried that those who hate reverence will use said action as pretext to try and suppress it more widely.

            That’s not pride mark, that’s understandable worry about the ramifications of the Pope’s words and actions, these ‘prideful’ people are the same who worried when jp2 kissed the despicable koran which denies the Divinity of Christ and who got involved with inter-religious activity at Assisi which gave the impression (whatever the then Pope’s intentions) that all religions are equal.

            Now if the Holy Father were to publicly say Mass in the Traditional rite once in a while and kick out loopy dissenting clergy and religious, forbid the hosting of dissident catholic groups (such as dignity) on Church property, and reinstate the Oath against Modernism allot of us would sleep more easily in our beds knowing that the Pope was making positive moves to making things better.

            • chezami

              Over the past century, the Church as grown *7000%* globally. It is not only not being “wiped out*, it is facing the problem of too much success. Get out of your epistemic closure bubble and your narrative of doom and gloom and face the fact that Jesus words are still true: the gates of hell will not prevail. All your attitude does is help harm the Church.

              • defiant12314

                Well Mark please tell me of these successes, her in the UK barely 5% of Catholics go to Mass, 95% of the kids apostatize after leaving a Catholic school in which their education is barely catholic. In South America Catholics are leaving for evangelical mega churches in droves, in the Philippines they are barely holding the line, in the US 50% on Mass going Catholics support the unnatural mockery of marriage, in the middle-east the Faith has been virtually wiped out in the last 10 years, the same in southeast Asia. In Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain and Mexico; countries one traditionally thinks of as Catholic the Faith is sidelined in Public.

                So please tell em of these ‘successes’ cos all I see is a former protestant whose behavior towards the Pope is akin to the way Mormons view the “President of the Church”

                • chezami

                  And all this is due to Francis’ interviews how? All this is caused by his reining in one little group of Franciscans why? All thiis caused by the Council, or the pontificates of JPII et al in what way? All this will be fixed by the EF how? What, exactly, are you proposing beyond hand-wringing and fruitless anger?

                  • defiant12314

                    The Holy Father’s interview is a symptom of the problem

                    JP2 (who doesn’t deserve sainthood by a long way) failed to reign in the dissidents in the Church over the 26 years he spend fidling on the throne of Peter whilst the Church burned.

                    As I have said before the suppression of the Traditional Mass for the FA’s gives the impression that Summorum Pontificum can be suppressed elsewhere.

                    How will we fix this?

                    a) the Traditional Mass limits a Priests options which reinforces his mentallity that the Mass isn’t his; the new mass has endless options for the propers meaning that you can go to one Mass in the same city where the full reading for the epistle, psalm and Gospel will be read , the full Roman Cannon will be used and another where ‘alternate’ readings will be used, a trucunted Cannon or an alternative eucharistic prayer will be used. as the saying goes Lex Orendi, Lex Credendi – once a Priest starts thinking he can change the liturgy then he thinks he can start changing the Church’s teachings.

                    b) 60 years ago a man called walk from Normandy to Jerusalem and in each country the Mass would be Latin, he would always know where he was in the Mass with his missal, now along with the variations in the propers the language will be different meaning that he won’t know even at what point of the ordinary he is at.

                    c) a Universal language binds believers together, when Mgsr Lefevbre was a missionary Priest he noted the unifying force of arabic in the muslims he was evangelizing in Africa, instead of being ‘polish Catholics, American Catholics, German / hispanic Catholics we would be Catholics plain and simple and ‘ethnic’ Masses would become a thing of the past.

                    d) Reinstate the Oath against Modernism, If I were Pope I would also regularise the SSPX immediately, the only condition being a tithe of Priests to serve five year terms to go through the Church with a (metaphorical) flamethrower to root out heretical clergy and religious and make sure that the formation of Priests is and religious is correct.

                    e) reinstate mandatory Friday abstinence, fasting and the ember days throughout the Church.

                    d) Mandate that in addition to the Pro Populo Mass each Sunday; that every Priest offer an additional Mass for the conversion of heathens, that the hour of Compline be offered exclusively for that intention and that (at minimum) every Priest say the Glorious Mystery’s each Sunday afternoon for that intention.

                    e) Declare ex cathedra that women cannot be ordained, that birth control is prohibited etc etc

                    f) Get rid of spineless Bishops and appoint good Orthodox men from the ranks of the FSSP, SSPX, ICCRS, English OP’s etc etc.

                    g) canonically suppress the ‘nuns on the bus’ and tell the SJ’s to get in line and stop consorting with homosexuals, abortionists and marxists (and I only do this because the Jesuits have done so much for the Church pre 1950s

                    h) as Pope I would take on Richard Dawkins and with the words of St Thomas expose him for the shallow idiot that he is

                    I) ban girls from the Sanctuary.

                    That’s part of my fix it list.

                    • chezami

                      Defiant locuta est. Causa finita est.

                      As I say: Massively. Arrogant. Hubris. Defiant will save the Church from the Pope.


                    • defiant12314

                      just proposing some possible solutions

    • orual’s kindred

      “Now instead of bashing those of us who would like to return to the days when you could trust what Father said from the pulpit without having to cross reference St Thomas and ‘shock’ would like a reverent liturgy where we’re not treated to kumbyah as opening antiphon, communion hymn and recessional can you actually start bashing the liberals?”

      First, I’m afraid this does not sound defiant.

      Second, I’m not sure what good this sort of request could achieve. Maybe you were trying to be flippant…?

      Also, I’m not our esteemed host, but the post seems to address a certain kind of attitude. It’s hard not to give in to hopelessness and despair, I know. Nevertheless, Catholics of all stripes are called to do so, and surely all of us could use that reminder? 🙂

  • jeff

    Well I have said I will start worrying when the TLM starts getting suppressed in other quarters too. liberal cranks in numerous orders would have seized on this and complained to the CDW by now about young whisper snapper punks in their orders beginning to say the TLM in their order’s rite.

    when, and only when, we see multiple interventions effectively reversing SP will I worry. This latest news story gives me hope that this over ruling of SP will start and finish with the FFI