One of the places a post-Christian conservatism can go

One of the places a post-Christian conservatism can go October 15, 2013

…is into the weirdest recesses of pagan race worship. A reader writes:

Well, my college age nephew just left Catholic Church and joined some religion called “Asatru Folk Assembly” because he said that Christianity is becoming “Anti-Western” and a “stupid Third World religion”. Please say a prayer for him.

The reader adds:

I consider myself a conservative but I really dislike all the recent attacks against Christianity by many younger, college- age conservatives.

Someone just posted this to the College Republicans email list which is causing quite the controversy

When people stop believing in God, they don’t believe in nothing. They believe in anything–including nutjob racist white supremacy garbage. Christ winds up being valued only as a sort of totem for the triumph of “white culture” and ultimately is seen as an enemy because he loves people from every nation, language, tribe and tongue. This is the mentality that gave us the German Christian Movement under the Nazi regime. Evil. Glad to see the College Republics fighting this filth. Sad to see that it could have so much as a toehold there to begin with.

Father, call this young man back out of this spiritual darkness and into your light through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for him.

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