The Other Fr. Z…

The Other Fr. Z… October 23, 2013

on the clericalism clash.

"Do you really think that Hitler/Nazis were Christians?"

On gays in the Church
""Zealots"? One would have to be equally short-sighted to vote for Clinton. Two poor candidates. ..."

A smart take on the polarization ..."
"The consensus of these professional guilds was in favor of frontal lobotomies."

On gays in the Church
"I cannot you how I different I am to your conclusions about, well, anything."

On gays in the Church

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  • Elmwood

    Fr. Trigilio writes a great response to this article: response to America article: CLERICALISM ???

    I fear that some of our Holy Father’s remarks will be used to promote poor liturgies and therefore poor morality.

    • IRVCath

      But this is not the case. One can be not a clericalist at all and still have a calling to, say, the FSSP. Conversely, one can promote poor liturgies and poor morality and be the epitome of clericalism. Clericalism is primarily about how one approaches the important role of the priest.