Well done, Sinead O’Connor

Well done, Sinead O’Connor October 5, 2013

I’ve never paid much attention to Sinead O’Connor.  I’m one of those people who sort of stopped paying attention to pop music somewhere around 1983.  No time.  I was dimly aware that she ripped up a picture of JPII and also dimly aware that she apologized for that and, if memory serves, went for some delusion about being a priest in some obscure Catholic offshoot thingie.  But that’s about it.  Not really tracking the Sinead news closely.

Anyway, the pathetic Miley Cyrus cited her as an influence and, lo and behold, O’Connor took the opening and wrote a wise and generous letter basically saying that her dignity as a human being required that she stopping barfing all over herself just to please corporate masters who will wring the last nickel out of her and then toss her away like a used gum wrapper.  It was, for want of a better word, sound pastoral advice.

Alas, Cyrus will have none of it.  But O’Connor did well to try.  Well done!

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