A Reader Has a Question about Devotion to the Agnus Dei

A Reader Has a Question about Devotion to the Agnus Dei November 2, 2013

He writes:

There’s nothing wrong with devotion to Christ under the title and image of The Lamb of God, is there?

I ask because, though the Agnus Dei has proven a popular subject in both Catholic art and literature, there seem to be virtually no devotions connected to it. The closest I can find are the old wax Agnus Dei sacramentals–long since discontinued–and a relatively new religious order.

Am I missing something? Why is there so little in the way of devotions to the Agnus Dei?

In case you’re as clueless about this as I am, would you mind sending my question along to your blog followers? Maybe one of them can help me. :/

Beats me why there aren’t much in the way of such devotions, but I don’t see why you couldn’t start one. Any reader know anything about this?

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