A reader wonders about gay “marriage”

A reader wonders about gay “marriage” November 19, 2013

She writes:

 I live in a state that just yesterday legalized gay marriage (IL). The law in question does protect religious institutions from having to perform or host gay weddings, but that’s all it does; some opponents say it is the weakest or worst in the nation in that regard (protecting conscience rights of those who object)

Aside from the spectacle of the Speaker of our House quoting Pope Francis’ “who am I to judge?” remark on the House floor as an argument in FAVOR of the bill (that’s a whole ‘nother story in itself)… my main concern is this.

You post frequently about the “Gay Legion of Menacing Visigoths for Tolerance” and how they insist “You. Must. Approve” of gay marriage. I am wondering whether passage of this law is likely to make an impact on my life as an Illinois citizen and a faithful Catholic, if I do not personally know anyone who is gay or likely to enter a gay marriage and am not involved in the wedding industry. Should I take this as a sign that people like myself are no longer welcome in this state and should consider moving out, or, is life probably going to go on pretty much as it did before once the initial hullaballoo dies down?

You live in a state that already has gay marriage, the “Soviet of Washington”. Has this law made YOUR life more difficult, or made it harder for you or anyone you know to make a living or to educate their children? Or, has your life, personally, gone on pretty much as it would have otherwise? Have you contemplated moving to another state because of these laws?

I’d also like to hear from readers of your blog who have lived in “blue states” that have had gay marriage and other anti-LGBT discrimination measures for at least 2 years. Have these laws really impacted them personally or not, apart from personal situations involving family members or friends that entered a same-sex union? Has anyone felt compelled as a faithful Catholic to try to move to a more hospitable location, or does that really matter, as long as you have a good parish community and family supportive of your faith?

Thanks again for all your encouragement and help!

I don’t anticipate much of an immediate impact on you.  The impact will likely be broader and more institutional—legal punishments for organizations that resist the PC pieties, such as revocation of tax exemptions, boycotts, tax penalities, that sort of thing.  Some work environments may make life very unpleasant for workers who will not participate in Goodthink.  But for the most part, think “Boy Scouts” peer pressure or “Chik Fil A” boycotts, not jackboots kicking in your door at midnight.  I don’t think there’s much you need to do and little you need to worry about personally.  The people who will have most to lose will be children, not adults.  The main impact will be felt by the next generation.

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