If only women could be priests…

If only women could be priests… November 21, 2013

A reader writes:

We hear that if women were in leadership position within the Church that the sex abuse crisis would have been handled very differently with children as the first priority.

Here’s a Bay Area case that brings into question that argument:

Get a search warrant, Mt. Diablo district attorney told Concord detective investigating suspected child molester

“Detective Tamra Roberts reminded Deputy District Counsel Deborah Cooksey that the district was required by law to report child abuse suspicions and the names of potential victims. Only then did the district hand over the unredacted report.”

The school principal and attorney are both females.

A year ago, a female principal in Silicon Valley was convicted for failing to report a sex abuse incident

In a country were 1.4 million women kill their children each year, the notion that there is something magical about the infallibility of feminine love for children is a tough sell. Using that myth as a basis for demanding the Church ignore the teaching of Christ regarding the sacrament of ordination is… inadvisable.

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