It’s a good thing we didn’t elect Romney

It’s a good thing we didn’t elect Romney November 11, 2013

Because then we’d be ruled by an out of touch plutocracy completely in the service of corporate interests:

Homeless person denied Medicaid for failing to report money he found on sidewalk as income…


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  • Paxton Reis

    Yeah Wall Street!

  • BillyT92679

    Romney sucked, sure, but can liberals finally just come out and admit it? So many of them pay lip service to the poor, to peace, even to immigrants, but ultimately they care about mostly about an abortion in every pot and a gay marriage in every church and a Prius in every yard. Yesterday’s Rockefeller Republicans are today’s Democrats.

    • Matt Talbot

      As a (Pro-life, New Deal, Pro-labor) liberal, I am as annoyed as you are by those self-described “liberals.”

      • Pavel Chichikov

        Prayer still works. What have you got to lose?

        • Matt Talbot

          I’ve actually considered looking for (or even setting up) third party alternatives.

          The Democratic Party is basically the Party of the Upper-Middle Class. The Republican Party as an institution represents the top 1% (judging by what they do rather than what they make pious noise about), while the contemporary Democratic Party represents roughly the next 19 Percent right below them; the bottom 80% of the income scale are political orphans.

          • peggy

            Wall St is very tight with the Dem party. Most corporate CEOs are liberals. David Horowitz tells a story of how he thought he could get CEOs to participate in a free market/liberty oriented conference. Not a one would do it. Some admitted to being socialist. The very independently wealthy are not GOPers. They are Dems. The rich hate the middle America riff raff who care about social issues. The very rich top 5% are not going to be too harmed by economic egalitarianism, but the next rungs all the way down to working class will get screwed. So the very rich can be Dems.

            Now, there are GOP companies/industries and Dem companies/industries, but both parties are tight with large corporate powers. The GOP Establishment is trying to maintain status quo and are not as free market as tea partiers or rank and file small business.

            • Matt Talbot

              Peggy – A reliable way of discovering who a political party represents is looking not at what they say but at what they actually do when given the means to do things.

  • Dave

    Yeah, well, stocks also happened to be bottomed out right about when Obama took over, so they had nowhere to go but up.

  • An Aaron, not The Aaron

    In tangentially related news, I was flipping through radio stations this morning and found myself listening to Glenn Beck (not a common occurrence). He said something rather remarkable (which is in itself somewhat remarkable). He vowed not to vote for a Chris Christie or a Mitt Romney-type Republican in 2016. His broadcast booth companion tried to steer him in the usual direction by saying, “Unless it’s Hillary or Biden, right?” Shockingly, Beck doubled-down, saying he would not violate his principles by voting for someone who doesn’t share his. He said, roughly, “If our option is a Christie or a Romney, we deserve it [meaning a Hillary or Biden].” Hopefully I didn’t just stumble into the middle of a bit. Hmm, I wonder where I’ve heard this kind of thing before? Mark, have you taken over Beck’s brain?

    • Rebecca Fuentes

      Nope. Beck was also talking about some divine purpose of George Washington because without Washington, the US wouldn’t exist and without the US, Israel wouldn’t exist, so God sent us Washington so there would be a nation of Israel. I’m pretty sure Mark would either do a double face-palm or laugh himself silly at that.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Anyone who thinks there is any appreciable difference between Democrats and Republicans just isn’t paying attention. Sure it’s crude, but comedian Lewis Black just about nailed it: Our two party system is basically a big bowl of poo looking in the mirror at itself.

  • wlinden

    But the story comes from a ritually impure source!

  • Elmwood

    Remember the GOP panic, fear and anger at Obama for “destroying” our economy during the 2012 election? but the stocks rebounded anyways. if the economy is the primary focus in the election, then Obama is doing a fine job.

    Chris Christie is way better than Romney. For one, he’s from NJ and is catholic. Therefore he’s way more down to earth and doesn’t hold to Americanism like Romney, who like Glen Beck, thinks the constitution is inspired by God and the founding fathers are doctors of his church.

    • chezami

      Wall Street and “the economy” are not equal and co-terminous.

      • Elmwood

        True for catholics, who put the person or family at the heart of the economy, but not for Wall Street and Randism types in the GOP, who put individualism and money at its heart. The people for the economy instead of the economy for the people (which is why i’m suspicious of the Tea Party’s obsession on the national debt). There was no “common good” in Romney’s vision of the economy, only trickle down wealth. With Obama, it’s crony capitalism at its finest.

        • peggy

          Romney might have been as much a crony capitalist as any other president. (Barry’s more blatantly favored his supporters than any president in the past.) I would have expected Romney to have proffered a more solid economic recovery plan that would not stifle Main St or Wall St unnecessarily. He would not be going the Bernanke route here. Type-casting the Tea Party is pretty dull analysis on your part, Elmwood. Not all that Rand said was wrong economically or politically. But yes, she was a self-centered atheist. And Karl Marx was right to worry about the plight of the working man in the industrial revolution, but that’s all I’d grant him, howevever. Do not put people you don’t know in your convenient boxes.

          • Elmwood

            The Tea Party is difficult to define really, but they don’t have very much in common with catholic social teaching–no political party currently does. The only thing that seems consistent about them is their obsession with the national debt.

            Whether it’s really as big of a disaster as they make it out to be isn’t so clear considering they, the government, print the money anyways (thanks to the GOP with Nixon).

            Any time a political party uses fear and hate, like the GOP does about the national debt, immigration and Iran, I have to seriously question the issue because they resort to emotion rather than reason and logic.

            • peggy

              The national debt, which will require increasing taxes and makes us vulnerable to China, doesn’t bother you? The false propping of Wall St should bother you. The unwillingness of some pols and pres to make a sensible responsible budget should bother you. Iran doesn’t bother you? Obama wanting to kiss up to Iran, the nation run by radical Muslims who took Americans hostage 34 years ago and has nothing to say in that regard, doesn’t bother you?

              Whether a Romney or Christie would do all that we’d like is a different set of Qs.

              I have no idea what “hate” you are talking about. You must be watching too much Chris Matthews.

              There is plenty of reason and logic behind tea party positions.

              The lack of economic knowledge I often read here is disappointing.

              • Elmwood

                China has become the monster it is today largely because our ruling elite have allowed manufacturing jobs to be sent there out of greed.

                Violence and war lead only to death, they speak of death! Violence and war are the language of death! Pope Francis

                The church opposes the culture of death which includes war. GWB and the rest of the war mongers have permitted the deaths of thousands of innocents in Iraq and probably Afganistan. How is bombing Iran or Syria any different: two things supported by many in the GOP and Tea Party.

      • faithandfamilyfirst

        You got that right. Does anyone seriously believe that stocks are up because the economy is booming? Really? Stocks are up because this administration has been printing money and pumping it into Wall Street by the billions. Earlier this year stocks started to tank on just the suggestion that the White House would start to cut off the fat cat fire hydrant. When the WH saw this, they assured the bigwigs that, yes, government would continue to give them money.
        Time and again whenever Wall Street crashes it is the middle class that has taken the lion’s share of the loss. And yet, any suggestion that Wall Street is designed to fatten the pockets of a select few will be met with calls of “Commie Pinko.”

    • peggy

      Christie better than Romney? I don’t see much difference frankly, though they apparently aren’t buddies. The economy is being destroyed. People are unemployed or underemployed. Insurance and medical costs are set to skyrocket. The Dow is being held up by QE, ie, printing money and getting it to big wigs on Wall St. That’s not healthy. It will collapse and won’t be pretty.

      Go ahead, have your “Catholic” Christie who gave up on marriage as easily as Romney did.

      • Elmwood

        All of these arguments about the stock market could be applied to GWB in 2008 and Romney now if he was president. I hate both parties equally. I hope Catholics wake up and stop the mindless two political party cheerleading.

  • Stu

    Both parties have embraced liberalism, just from different flanks.

  • nimitz1

    There is no substance here.