Lefty blog claims that Pope is in flame war with Buchanan and Palin

Lefty blog claims that Pope is in flame war with Buchanan and Palin November 20, 2013

I find this impossible to believe.

I note that the piece has links to everything *except* the alleged Papal flame at hated bogeymen Buchanan and Palin. Tell me this is not another wish fulfillment fantasy from what Francis aptly calls “adolescent progressivism”. If somebody can document it, I’ll eat my words (I’ve done it before). But the total absence of a link to the alleged flame just screams “Bogus!”

Update:  Turns out to be a satire site.

Memo to Lefties: The pope is not in the business of micromanaging your trivial need to take out your furies and frustration on bogeyman while Obamacare and the Administration are imploding. Enought with the psychic transferance pathologies. Face up to the fact that your man in the White House is an incompetent liar.

It’s weird. When a political tribe is in a flop sweat of terror about some gigantic screwup they can’t fob off on somebody else, they always focus all their rage and terror on some bogeyman the tribe all agree they hate with the white hot fury of a thousand suns. For the left, this role is filled by the incredibly trivial and irrelevant Sarah Palin, who poses no threat, has no power, and has nothing to do with anything. But she represents everything they hate and so, as Obamacare implodes, they focus their rage and hate on her of all people. Something about Palin–her looks, her fertility, her skilled knack for getting inside the heads of Lefties and driving them into a fury, her intellectual dimness and incuriosity, her children (especially Trig, who is a standing affront to abortion zealots), her Christian conservatism–all manages to create a psychic lightning rod for these guys. It’s a visceral, pre-rational hatred. It’s something like the role Hillary filled for Righties in the 90s. Merely having a pulse is enough for her to create such explosive frenzies. It’s the political equivalent of kicking the cat because you can’t punch your boss in the nose. In a moderately civilized world, what Martin Bashir should be is “a former employee of MSNBC”. That he still retains a job with them five minutes after this diatribe is proof to me that the network is worthless.

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