Lefty blog claims that Pope is in flame war with Buchanan and Palin

Lefty blog claims that Pope is in flame war with Buchanan and Palin November 20, 2013

I find this impossible to believe.

I note that the piece has links to everything *except* the alleged Papal flame at hated bogeymen Buchanan and Palin. Tell me this is not another wish fulfillment fantasy from what Francis aptly calls “adolescent progressivism”. If somebody can document it, I’ll eat my words (I’ve done it before). But the total absence of a link to the alleged flame just screams “Bogus!”

Update:  Turns out to be a satire site.

Memo to Lefties: The pope is not in the business of micromanaging your trivial need to take out your furies and frustration on bogeyman while Obamacare and the Administration are imploding. Enought with the psychic transferance pathologies. Face up to the fact that your man in the White House is an incompetent liar.

It’s weird. When a political tribe is in a flop sweat of terror about some gigantic screwup they can’t fob off on somebody else, they always focus all their rage and terror on some bogeyman the tribe all agree they hate with the white hot fury of a thousand suns. For the left, this role is filled by the incredibly trivial and irrelevant Sarah Palin, who poses no threat, has no power, and has nothing to do with anything. But she represents everything they hate and so, as Obamacare implodes, they focus their rage and hate on her of all people. Something about Palin–her looks, her fertility, her skilled knack for getting inside the heads of Lefties and driving them into a fury, her intellectual dimness and incuriosity, her children (especially Trig, who is a standing affront to abortion zealots), her Christian conservatism–all manages to create a psychic lightning rod for these guys. It’s a visceral, pre-rational hatred. It’s something like the role Hillary filled for Righties in the 90s. Merely having a pulse is enough for her to create such explosive frenzies. It’s the political equivalent of kicking the cat because you can’t punch your boss in the nose. In a moderately civilized world, what Martin Bashir should be is “a former employee of MSNBC”. That he still retains a job with them five minutes after this diatribe is proof to me that the network is worthless.

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  • RJohnson64
    • María Cava Cava

      I can,t live without Lefties

  • wlinden

    Next: ” fails to repudiate Palin’s criticism of the Pope!”

  • wlinden

    WordPress says the domain you linked isn’t there.

  • Bill

    The misogyny of many on the left is extraordinary, as is their casual racism, and in Alec Baldwin’s case homophobia

    Many on the Right are certainly, and obnoxiously, racist, homophobic, and misogynistic, but even these dudes are rightfully scorned by many of their political confreres.

  • Michael N

    I think it was pointed out that it was a satirical piece. I can’t believe that Francis would have ever stooped to that level. If so then I would have questions about his leadership.

    • Renee

      But the satire that is poorly done. The Onion for example may take something factual and have a spin to it to a put of silliness. The writing hete is completely fictional (delusional) just making up the entire premise based on his political ideology.

      • Michael N

        I agree it was in very poor taste

  • avalpert

    Man, getting you panties in a bunch of satire. Are you sure you recognize who has a trivial need to take out their furies and frustration on their bogeyman?

  • Raymond

    “visceral, pre-rational hatred”
    Dear Pot,
    You’re black.
    Signed, Kettle

    • Raymond

      I wear these downvotes as a badge of honor…

      • wlinden

        But everybody says you’re such a disagreeable man,
        And you can’t think why!

        • Raymond

          The upvote for your comment is from me. Well played.

  • ivan_the_mad

    I must say that I was rather disappointed with a recent column of Pat’s on the pope. Normally I’m a fan of Pat’s writing, but this is yet another instance of someone having a nutty because Francis doesn’t comfort all of their prejudices, speak the ritual phrases, or affirm their particular mix of faith and politics.

    • chezami

      Agreed. I don’t hold a brief for Buchanan.

    • Dan F.

      agreed. I’m having cognitive dissonance that he’s unquestioningly quoting the NYTimes-usually-wrong-about-everything-Catholic Laurie Goodstein without stopping once to see if perhaps she’s twisted the Pope’s words just a teensy-weensy bit? ::facepalm::

      • wlinden

        Or wrong-about-everything, period. I stopped paying attention to Laurie Goodstein when she asserted that most Episcopalians have “never heard of” the Anglican Communion.

        • Dan F.

          I generally only come across her when I have to “instruct the ignorant” on facebook about what the Pope/bishop/priest *actually* said or what the Church *actually* teaches vs. what she “reported”.

  • Elmwood

    There were some people i believe in Alaska who kept forcing ethic investigations over Palin’s alleged misconduct during her brief tenure as governor. The weird thing about Palin is she drew the ire of both the left and the right. She ran as a reformist candidate which didn’t please Big Oil who have a strangle hold on the GOP in AK.

    Despite Palin’s colossal failure as a VP candidate, she was relatively well liked by most in Alaska as governor and seemed to represent more of a middle/working class politician. But for some reason, she drew extreme hatred by a small but vocal segment of the population.

    Anyways, the governor we have now: Sean-aco Parnillips, is a nightmare Big Oil hack who cuts oil and cruise ship taxes, allows cruise ships to dump sh#t in the water, and cuts medicare benefits. He’s pretty much everything wrong with the political “right”.

    • $2346491

      I think that Palin was screwed over by McCain’s people. It is clear that the Palin pick was a desperate last ditch effort by a badly run campaign to change the narrative. Palin wasn’t ready for prime time and would have benefited from just giving the keynote address in 2008 and having more experience as governor. That being said Palin was ambitious enough to think she was ready for a national campaign after two years as governor of Alaska. Most other savvy politicians like Jindal declined to be vetted in 2008. Now she is just a parody.

  • Dan Li

    WAIT! Please check your sources. It might be a parody site.

    • wlinden

      Yes, now that I can access, it is definitely humor. Other stories include “White Supremacist lynches himself on learning of black ancestry” and “Two dead after 3D printer jams while printing gun”

      Supremacist Lynches Himself after Learning of His Black Ancestry – See
      more at: http://www.newslo.com/pope/#sthash.hb3tbaPP.dpuf

      • wlinden

        However, I must point out that is was believable that lefties would believe that because “liberals” online have been making a big whoopdedo of “Palin criticizes Pope! Isn’t she a total moron, snicker, snicker, sneer?”

  • RichFader

    I’d tend to take the argument over Palin’s intellect a bit more seriously if there were more cunning-and-subtle-fox-newly-appointed-professor-of-cunning-at-Oxford-level intellects rising to the top on either side of the political spectrum. Eh, not so much.

  • Rosemarie


    Blatant tip-off that this piece is satire (besides the About Us page) is this alleged quote:

    “This is a man who has dabbled in Holocaust denial and has a documented history of anti-Semitism,” Francis wrote. “Of course he doesn’t want the Church to become more inclusive. He’d probably like it if we segregated mass services from now

    “Mass services”? Seriously, do Catholics use such terminology? We say “the Mass” or “Holy Mass,” not “mass service.”

  • Pavel Chichikov


  • pserver

    Memo to Righties: Research first, before you cite or get in a kerfuffle.
    Would be nice if your politicians were also capable of reading Senate Bills and National Security memos.
    Concession: We’ll work on Pelosi’s reading skills.

    • chezami

      You do get, don’t you, that the really damning thing is not the satire, but the real live Martin Bashir calling fo for people to shit and piss on Sarah Palin, right? You understand that this not civilized discourse and that in a civilized world he would not be working for MSNBC after such an unhinged display? You get that, right?

      No. You don’t get that.

      • john smith

        But he’s fighting against ‘the war on women.’

        A working mother of five who was elected governor of a very rural and conservative state could never understand the struggle for women’s equality like Martin Bashir does.