More Proofs of Atheism!

More Proofs of Atheism! November 8, 2013

Having pored over the exhaustive evidence for atheism compiled here, I’ve come up with a few others in my encounters with the massively superior intellects of internet atheists, which I duly sent on to

  1. An atheist argues that theists believe something ridiculous, as that the Eucharist is made of meat.
  2. The Theist explains that this ridiculous belief is not what theists, even theists who believe in the Real Presence, believe.
  3. The atheist declares that this is a “courtier’s reply”.
  4. Therefore God does not exist.


  1. If the Bible were really the word of God, it would be the Big Book of Everything, explaining transistors and the soil composition of Mars.
  2. The Bible is not the Big Book of Everything and does not discuss these matters.
  3. Therefore, the Bible is not the word of God.
  4. Therefore, God does not exist.


  1. Children believe in God.
  2. Children are childish.
  3. It is childish to believe in God.
  4. Therefore, God does not exist.


  1. Christopher Hitchens “just knew” that God did not exist at the age of nine.
  2. I believe that children are our future
  3. Teach them well and let them lead the way
  4. Show them all the beauty they possess inside
  5. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier
  6. Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.
  7. Therefore nine year old Christopher Hitchens was right.
  8. Therefore, there God does not exist.

Feel free to add your own!  Remedial reading for atheists who feel the strange compulsion to keep padding the case for the new atheism here.  Dudes: you aren’t smarter then the common herd.  You’re  just more socially inept and therefore mistake you intellect worship for intellect us.  Napoleon Dynamite with a Mean Streak is not the Nietschzean Superman.  Learn from Phil Plait and memorize Wheaton’s Law.

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