The Conservative Francis-Bashing Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On

The Conservative Francis-Bashing Anti-Charism of Discernment Marches On November 12, 2013

Francis continues to do good things, in this case bringing people back to Mass in Italy.

Reactionaries continue to see only bad, working hand in glove with the NY Times to portray him as the enemy of the Church.  They only thing they disagree about is whether that’s good or bad.

Just a reminder: contrary to what the article says, the only ones throwing people under the bus are certain conservatives (not all of us) who are upset that the pope is reaching out to people who aren’t them.  He has said and done *nothing* heterodox, nor anything morally wrong, and he has said and done nothing that his predecessors haven’t done.  These people are doing everything they can think of to complain and accuse an innocent man–and then whining that they feel alienated. Yes, it is true that if you treat a man with perpetual disdain you will feel alienated from him.  But that’s your fault, not his. Sorry, but when you declare that you could just tell from his cold dead eyes that he is “dangerously close” to heresy within seconds of his appearance on the balcony on the night of his election you don’t get a break for your precious tender feelings.  Your pre-emptive claim to a magical gift of discernment calls for the rest of the Church to discern your discernment.  And so far, you’re not batting a thousand. The is not “dangerously close” to heresy.  He’s speaking from the heart of the Tradition.  You are speaking from massive and quite silly hubris.  And you are assisting the enemies of the faith at the NY Times to drive a wedge between the Church and the pope.  Smart.

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