The Cult of Obama Hangover

The Cult of Obama Hangover November 22, 2013

Y’see, he was never *actually* the Son of God.  There’s your problem right there.

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  • Thinkling

    This is exceptionally telling. And a great biblical reference to boot.

  • Stu

    He never really walked on water. He just knew where some of the stones were.

    • me

      More like he had people underneath the water holding him up.

  • Jack Picknell

    Mein schadenfreude zeigt.

  • Paxton Reis

    In Oct. 2008, I recall the editors of The Economist noting that the US was on the verge of electing the least vetted candidate in our history.

    Five years later, the new boss, a 2 year US senator and a nondistinct state senator from Illinois is in many ways the same as the old boss: too big to fail banks remain so; the US is remains heavily involved militarily in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia; in the name of security journalists, gov’t whistieblowers, and allies are targets for scrutiny, etc.

    • IRVCath

      His only achievement has to make rich people feel better about themselves, for a while, by portraying the Church as (rightfully so) a threat to their power and wealth and attacking them.

  • Mark.

    Recall The Economist putting part of a well-meant but puerile Obama speech about the elimination of atomic weapons on their cover as if it were deeply important and profound… or did I imagine that? They seem to have had great hopes for him.