The Purpose of Gay “Marriage” is to Smash Religious Liberty

The Purpose of Gay “Marriage” is to Smash Religious Liberty November 13, 2013

Reader Joe Grabowski writes of the gay “marriage” law in Hawaii:

Under the law as it stands and is being signed into action by the Governor today…

1) Churches need to keep a register of congregants or else risk being sued for refusal to officiate a gay marriage for a non-member.

2) Churches that own buildings can only disallow same sex marriages in those buildings if all the other activities in the building are closed to the general public (nonmembers). Thus things like scouts, AA,  reception halls generally must go away. Otherwise, the Church can be sued and risk losing tax exemptions or even face property closure.

For advocates of gay “marriage” those are features, not bugs. The goal of gay “marriage” is to crush religious liberty.

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