Today in Unbelievable Police State Outrage News

Today in Unbelievable Police State Outrage News November 9, 2013

There is a coda to this: the man subjected to these outrages has been billed by the hospital for thousands of dollars.

I hope he soaks both the cops and the hospital for millions and millions and millions of dollars and that the people who committed this multiple gang bang act of sodomy against him either repent or go to jail till they show real contrition. This is intolerable in a free country and must be met with fierce punishment lest it become the habit of our police state to think they can get away with it.

In other police state news, an Arkansas woman has brought suit against a cop she says tasered for refusing to to show him her breasts.

Police states tend to select *for* these kinds of goons. You need people who are willing to be ruthless when the basis for your power as a Ruling Class is less and less justice and more and more raw force.

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