When Somebody Tries to Sell You…

When Somebody Tries to Sell You… November 29, 2013

…on a claim like “Quantum Physics Proves Life After Death!!!!1111” always remember that Tom Kreitzberg warned you about this sort of thing years ago when he formulated Spong’s Law of Theophysical Asininity which states: “Whenever a person appeals to quantum physics as the basis for a theological or religious principle, he is making an ass of himself.”

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  • Tom

    I might be violating this principle myself, but here’s something I’ve been wondering about. If it’s true that nothing can come from nothing, how does creatio ex nihilo work? It seems to lead to pantheism, but we believe that God is distinct from his creation. Am I babbling about nothing, or do I have a legitimate question?

    • Ye Olde Statistician

      That’s easy. Creation comes from God, who is not nothing.

      Parmenides principle, rendered in Latin “ex nihilo nihil fit,” states that nothing (which is no thing) has no power to make anything else happen. This is because nothing has no existence. (Everything that exists is some thing.) And that which does not exist cannot do diddly squat.

      • Pavel Chichikov

        Watch the double negatives, buddy. 🙂

        • Stephen Sparrow

          and the double (I mean unnecessary) positive – “God Is”, & that’s all that needs to be said. As for the rest of that physicist’s gobbledegook – it’s just one of those almost endless variants of Andersen’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes.”

      • The “ex nihilo” in “creatio ex nihilo” means that God did not create the universe out of any stuff that was there. Rather, he created by his own infinite power.

        This even includes his own “godstuff”. The universe is not made “from” God, as if God’s substance was the material from which creation was made.

        But YOS is correct that God is not nothing; indeed, God is Being Itself (ipsum esse), and therefore the source of all being. So one of God’s acts is to impart existence to what does not exist. God is unique in this ability to brings something into existence when there was nothing before – exactly because his very nature is Being.

      • BHG

        Actually God IS nothing –No Thing. God is not created or a being, He is Being itself. Same idea, different way of saying it. But anything but easy.

  • BHG

    On the other hand, all of creation mirrors the Creator. Not wise to look for physics as the proof of spiritual things–but as a way of understanding them, excellent at least for some of us. Let us not throw out baby with bathwater…..

  • Pavel Chichikov

    That which quantum physics describes is part of creation, and just as legitimate in displaying God’s wondrous cosmos as any other phenomenon. Not a proof, however. If you want proof, you have to follow Jesus to the proof.

  • Jedinovice

    Yeah but….

    1) Atheists constantly cite Quantum physics to prove stuff ‘just happens’ and therefore there is no God…

    2) Quantum Physics aside, string theory (just a theory, I know) postulates a ten dimensional Universe in which we can only perceive four. Which means there could be all manner of beings and even Universes of matter that we cannot perceive – also interesting given the evidence for Dark Matter in our Universe driving motion. But, of course, this does mean there could possibly be any Heaven or Hell, angels and demons, oh nonononononono!

    3) String theory also postulates an infinite number of Universes with different laws – which makes perfect sense to me given an infinite and infinitely creative God – which, of course,leaves no room for Heaven and Hell, angels and demons, etc. Oh nononononononono!