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Adventy Type Resources December 12, 2013

A reader writes:

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was good, busy, but good.  Happy Advent!

I am doing some part-time content writing and social media for Good Counsel Homes in New Jersey.  They are a private Catholic agency who offer shelter and support for homeless pregnant woman and their children.  They have 5 residential homes currently and have been in ministry since 1985.

Good Counsel is offering a free, downloadable Advent Prayer booklet at

Good Counsel is on Facebook and Twitter at @GoodCounselOrg.

They also have a post abortion referral/retreat ministry called Lumina – and they are on Facebook and Twitter at @LuminaPAH.

Each week there will be a new download with meditations and prayers for each day.

Would you consider helping us get the word out?  Hopefully it will bring some support and followers to Good Counsel and also make me look great as a social media guru!

Also, reader Shane Rapp has a nice piece on Advent.

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