Any Readers Familiar with the Church in Sevilla, Spain?

Any Readers Familiar with the Church in Sevilla, Spain? December 21, 2013

A reader writes:

I have a good friend I met as an exchange student here 20 years ago who lives in Spain (her home country).  She grew up Catholic but I think marginally practiced.  When she was here she went to church with her host family to an evangelical Protestant church and really experienced Christ for perhaps the first time…at least in a way that was intentional on her part.

I spoke with her recently and she’s been struggling because there aren’t a lot of good churches in her area.  She’d like to go back to the Catholic church but I’d like to be able to direct her toward a good parish…one where the priest is faithful to the teachings of the Church and the spiritual health of the parish is good.  Basically I want her to be able to connect with some fellow believers who will help her in her walk with Christ and not be stuck in a parish that’s gone all “I’m ok, you’re ok let’s all just be nice to others and forget the other stuff.”

Can your readers help?  Either with some suggestions for Catholic churches in Sevilla, Spain or with a website that keeps track of good conservative parishes in Spain?

This one’s above my pay grade.  Can any of youse guys help?

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