FOX: Our First Line of Defense Against Pope Francis

FOX: Our First Line of Defense Against Pope Francis December 4, 2013

Well, apparently the ipsi dixit of Rush Limbaugh is percolating through the Rightwingosphere. FOX News has decided to weigh in on the clear and present danger of Pope Francis’ “pure Marxism” with just about the strongest bull (so to speak) of excommunication it could by comparing him to the one who (in the FOXiverse) occupies the Throne of Hell itself:

Pope Francis is the Catholic Church’s Obama – God help us

So FOX, being the quality news organ it is, and swimming in money, must have gotten, like a serious type Catholic thinker on theology and economics to write this penetrating analysis, right? I mean, this is golden opportunity to tap into some heavy talent to analyze and critique the pope, if critique they think he needs,no? Oh, don’t you know it! They could have gotten Fr. Robert Barron. They might have, if they were interested in what the Catholic Right is fretting about, have gotten somebody from the Acton Institute. They could have contacted John Allen, Jr. But instead, they got none other than Adam Shaw! *The* Adam Shaw!!

Okay. So *some* of you may be wondering, “Who is Adam Shaw?” None other than a fairly D list video game reviewer, that’s who! Who better to gin up a well-informed mob against the Komminniss Pope and his Obamaesque agenda of damn Komminnisism?

First, Limbaugh, now this. Those guys are really starting to panic. If Francis keeps this up, they may actually have to attempt the novelty of thinking.

Sign of contradiction indeed.

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