From our “Crime and Punishment in the Burgeoning Police State” Files

From our “Crime and Punishment in the Burgeoning Police State” Files December 3, 2013

Here are three incredible stories:

First, a judge gets something like a just sentence for being a living demonstration of some of the evils of unrestrained capitalism and blind faith in “market forces” as the sole guide to life. Seems the good judge sentenced 4000 kids (some as young as 10) to prison so that some EvilCorp private prison could keep up their revenue. He’s 61 and they gave him 28 years so he’ll be good and old, if not dead, when he graduates. Rare to see a member of the Ruling Class actually get real punishment. One hopes the prison population–which has its own sense of frontier justice when it comes to crimes against kids, not to mention a unique perspective on corrupt judges–does not impose a short and brutal redefinition of the term “life sentence” on the good judge.

It remains to be seen whether anybody will question the notion of “private prisons for profit”.

Second, speaking of members of Ruling Class not paying for their crimes, there is this incredible story of a Massachusetts state chemist who falsified a whopping 40,000 cases, resulting in tens of thousands of innocent people in prison or otherwise punished. If you docked one day from the the sentences of all her victims and gave them to her to serve in prison, it would come to 109 years. But the state, in its careful protection of its own, has wisely chosen to give this woman a slap on the wrist with a 3-5 year sentence.

Some of my readers may remember that I am the complete and utter moral idiot who did not buy the idea that “Cops lie in order to Catch Bad Guys, so lying is obviously good”. This woman is Exhibit A in why the discernment-free contingent of Conservative Christians for Lying is so massively wrong here, as in so many other cases. Turns out lying is corrosive to the soul and you wind up using the Lie, as you wind up using the One Ring, in ways other than you originally planned.

Finally there’s this little tidbit from the Burgeoning Police State’as Rochester cops valiantly stem the rising tide of people Waiting While Black. I, for one, feel safer knowing that goons can shove people around for the crime of standing at a bus stop minding their own business. I look forward to the day when such goons are no longer forced to restrict their bullying to minorities but can treat all citizens without regard to race, creed, or color as equally powerless subjects of the state.

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