President Narcissus snaps a selfie

President Narcissus snaps a selfie December 10, 2013

at Nelson Mandela’s funeral. You stay classy, Mr. President.

By the way, a word about Mandela, who died when I was heading out of town. Eternal rest to him. He had a lot of options when he became president, chief among them to pull South Africa into a bloodbath of race reprisals for a very real history of crimes committed against his people. He could have turned that place into Rwanda or Amin’s Uganda. He chose forgiveness. He is to be commended and honored for that. He was not a perfect man or a saint (who is?), but as politicians go, you seldom get better. As to his snuggling up to the Commies, I find myself agreeing, to my astonishment, with Newt Gingrich, in asking “What would you have done?” The commies where the ones offering to help, just as in our Revolution, the French were the ones offering to help. So he took the help he could get because our own glorious freedom-loving country was fully backing apartheid, to our shame. What is remarkable about Mandela is not what he took from the Commies, but what he refused to take: the doctrine of violent revolution. Prison had changed him somehow and he became somebody who gave up the violence of his youth and refused to inflict it on the white regime. How can that not be praiseworthy? So I honor him for what he has done right and pray that his sins will be forgiven, pretty much as you do with anybody else. God rest his soul through the mercy of Christ our Lord.

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