Recently, the Bride of the Lord Obama on Earth……

Recently, the Bride of the Lord Obama on Earth…… January 21, 2014

…invited us, her subjects, through her personal television network ABC, to join in the national celebration of her nativity.  She also had a double secret birthday party which we, her subjects, were not invited to since only the super-coolest people could be there and, well, look at you, you loser.  But as a sign of her magnanimity, she did allow us to pay for it with our taxes.  We praise you and bless you, Bride of the Lord Obama, for stooping down and letting us pay for the party we are not allowed to know anything about.  You are, like your husband, just and wise for not letting us know what you do.  We are unworthy, but hope you will keep taking our money as a sign of your approval.  Let your reign be ever more secret that the unclean not find grounds to criticize your perfection.

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  • Dave G.

    I missed that. Fortunately, CNN had a special dedicated to her in celebration of her birthday. Times have certainly changed from the days when Nancy Reagan was skinned for wearing expensive gowns at lavish parties while people were unemployed.

  • jaybird1951

    From what I have read, no, we the taxpayers did not cover the cost of the party. The Obamas did. For that reason, being the cheapskates they are, all guests were advised to dine ahead of time since food would not be served. You only get food at the WH when the taxpayers are picking up the tab.

  • Lamprotatia

    What I want to know is, why is it so important to them that we like her? She is really off-putting, imho, with her snobbery and her busybody intrusion on the diets and personal care habits of us slobby proles. Why do they promote her so aggressively in the media? Is she going to run for office? (Please no…)

  • Elmwood

    I’m sure everything would be different if Romney was president and Ann was the 1st Lady. They are class acts.