The Ents of Rome…

The Ents of Rome… January 16, 2014

may be swinging into action on Medjugorje sometime within the next 1000 years.

Bear in mind that this is the bureaucracy that took until 2009 to come to a (tentative) judgment about the John Lennon’s art and smart mouth. So there could be years of hooming and homming about Medjugorje yet. I rather like that. It’s nice to see that there remains one institution in the world that cannot be rushed to meet a media deadline. Why, the entire internet may come and go before Rome makes up it’s mind to say, “Hoom, hom! Why, it seems to me that people should have just listened to the local bishops. The young people now–or at least they *were* young when we Entish folk started looking at their claim that Mary was appearing to them, though now they’ve been dead for a century–well, bless my bark, but it seems that they were fibbing a bit, no ill will to ’em or anything. But it would be best to probably avoid all that business. Though we mustn’t be hasty and you never know but that something good could still come of it. Hoom hom!”

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