The Ents of Rome…

The Ents of Rome… January 16, 2014

may be swinging into action on Medjugorje sometime within the next 1000 years.

Bear in mind that this is the bureaucracy that took until 2009 to come to a (tentative) judgment about the John Lennon’s art and smart mouth. So there could be years of hooming and homming about Medjugorje yet. I rather like that. It’s nice to see that there remains one institution in the world that cannot be rushed to meet a media deadline. Why, the entire internet may come and go before Rome makes up it’s mind to say, “Hoom, hom! Why, it seems to me that people should have just listened to the local bishops. The young people now–or at least they *were* young when we Entish folk started looking at their claim that Mary was appearing to them, though now they’ve been dead for a century–well, bless my bark, but it seems that they were fibbing a bit, no ill will to ’em or anything. But it would be best to probably avoid all that business. Though we mustn’t be hasty and you never know but that something good could still come of it. Hoom hom!”

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  • Joe

    Small problem. Didn’t the Church make faster (not as in “hasty”) judgements about Lourdes and Fatima? Medjugorje is getting long in the tooth, and a lot of good people are devoting too much time to this fraud.

    • chezami

      Different situation. The local ordinaries tell people was bunk and get steamrolled by a million suckers egged on by a pack of frauds. so he Church has a lot of Augean shoveling to do. When its done, Rome is goiing to reaffirm what the local ordinaries said and the frauds are goinng to on egging on the pack of suckers, who will tell themselves that the Smoke of Satan has blinded the Prisoner of the Vatican or that Francis truly is the Anti-Christ.

  • Tom

    What is an “Ent”?

    • chezami

      Read the Lord of the Rings. All will be revealed.

  • Christine Chase Sacchi

    Oh my goodness, I love it that you said, “Hoom hom”! Treebeard is a great character. And absolutely right on, the Church is refreshingly non-susceptible of being rushed.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Well, if anyone is submitting requests to the Vatican, I’d love a their views on old St. Malachy and his prophecies. Everything I’ve read of them makes me think they’re a forgery and therefore we ought to ignore them. But I keep running into very good, well meaning Catholics who are taking them seriously and are more than a little disturbed by them. It’s really freaking them out that they can’t figure out how Papa Francis is “Peter the Roman,” because they’re convinced they’ve got all the other Popes lined up pretty well.

    • The scholarly consensus is that they’ve been a forgery for some time. they were discovered centuries after St. Malachy lived, and are of such an ambigious nature, and were unknown in his contemporary time, most have concluded they were forgeries already.

      So in this case it isn’t so much as the Vatican needs to speak, as people need to learn the history behind it.

      • Mark S. (not for Shea)

        I agree. What little I have researched it (which I admit is very little), it seems clear they are a forgery. But the prophecies’ accuracy, especially in regard to some of the more recent popes, is admittedly a little eerie.
        I was listening ot Peggy Noonan’s book on John Paul the Great, and even she seems taken in by them. Although I’d hardly consider Peggy Noonan a reliable theologian by any stretch, she’s certainly never struck me as a member of the fringe kook element.

    • AquinasMan

      Not difficult at all. The Pope stepped out onto the balcony and declared to the world that he is the “Bishop of Rome”. He almost never refers to himself as “pope” but “Bishop of Rome”. His ministry, in many ways, has been heavily concentrated on the poor and marginalized in the city of Rome. He is very committed to evangelizing the people of his archdiocese and is very personally involved with his Roman flock.

      I don’t know if the prophecies are bunk, but “Peter the Roman” couldn’t be more clearly fitting to Pope Francis. Additionally, calling him “the Roman” has a hint of irony to it, being an Italian from South America of all places (“the end of the world”), as he put it. Your mileage may vary…

  • Frank McManus

    Mark, stop making me laugh. I have a cold. You just sent me into a 30-second coughing fit. Fortunately I can still breathe, but I don’t think I can take much more of this.

    Now you don’t seriously think I’m going to follow that Treebeard link, do you??

  • James McDonald

    No need to be hasty