The Gauntlet is Thrown

The Gauntlet is Thrown January 25, 2014

How do you get a man of the 16th Century to do something you really really want him to do badly?

You issue a challenge of course.  So I have writen that supreme 16th century Renaissance fantastist, wit, and raconteur, John C. Wright with this challenge:

I scan your blog with the eager expectation of a pup anticipating a treat, hoping against hope that the same pen that graced the world with a discussion of Solomon Kane, Puritan Adventurer, an in-depth treatment of Wonder Woman’s sartorial choices, and the burning question of the Space Princess Movement will bestir itself to comment on the current state of the Hobbit Movie Question.  I cannot help but think that the universe, holding its breath till you address this matter, will bring forth sinister prodigies like a year without spring, two-headed red heifers, and sad tales of the death of kings if you do not speak.

Your public, sheep without a shepherd, tossed about like the heaving breast of the deep and lashed by every wind of doctrine, needs your firm hand of guidance and some soothing words and insight on this burning question.  Are these the End Times?  Is it the Apocalypse or Ragnarok?  How can good men soldier on when Peter Jackson is loose gilding dragons?  And that white orc and elf/dwarf love triangle: what the hell man?

Guide us with only the wisdom you can give in your inimitable way!

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