Google wants….

Google wants…. February 12, 2014

to run your home.

What could it hurt?

Google wants.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Big Brother is ready to take over…

  • ImTim

    Youtube removed the video.

  • freddy

    …yeah…: woke up the other day when the autoblinds went up…the shower was already on and the water was warm… and the toaster told me that the refrigerator said I’d better finish up those ends of bread and that last brown egg… and by the way here’s the list for the grocery store….I sat down at the computer but it wouldn’t log on… something about me needing to leave early and get gas on the way to work while the prices were cheaper…. and as I walked out the door I could’ve sworn I heard the T.V. ask the security system, “Is she gone yet, guys?”

  • KM

    This concept reminds me of the Smart Meters that our utility company has. The Smart Meters can measure our gas/electrical consumption and transmit it electronically to the utility company. Every two months we get a “shaming” letter telling us that our electric/gas consumption is 99 out of 100 compared to similar homes in our neighborhood, and offering us ways to reduce our consumption. (Not sure why they’re concerned since they’re getting money for our use of the gas/electric.) I distrust this letter because, no matter what we do to conserve, it’s always the same ranking or worse.

    Someday perhaps we’ll get the letter that tells us what our punishment will be. Extra taxes/fees maybe? Public shaming?