“You Have No Rights”

“You Have No Rights” February 27, 2014

The sort of goon a nascent police state–like ours–seeks, promotes, and rewards.

Baltimore County cops doing their thing at the Towson bars. from Gootz on Vimeo.

The increase in such incidents from such cops is not accidental. It is the result of policy from our Ruling Class, which regards us as subjects, cattle, and potential enemies, not as fellow citizens and which therefore increasingly selects for cops to treat us as such.


As America de-christianizes the natural room temperature state of fallen man–which is master/slave–reasserts itself.

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  • Elmwood

    cops have difficult jobs to say the least: they have to deal with the people that we don’t and i think they get messed up over it. plus, what kind of person wants to be a cop anyways.

    • CrustyNatsFan

      low self esteem comes to mind as one possible reason. nothing like a uniform and a gun to give someone a spring in their step.

      • Dave G.

        A desire to help maybe? Nah.

    • Dave G.

      What kind of person wants to be a soldiers anyways? And yet we heap all manner of praise and adoration on them. Strange.

      • kirthigdon

        Yes and that’s a good part of the problem. The US regime uses its army not for self-defense, but sends it abroad to brutally police recalcitrant foreigners. It then employs veterans hardened by overseas police work to police Americans and at the same time arms American police to the teeth with military style weapons, up to and including armored vehicles and drones.
        Kirt Higdon

      • Apparently homosexuals- which is good reason to keep my son out of the military.

        • dart

          Your views sound very similar to those of the Westboro Baptists. But that’s alright Mr. Seeber. Me and my fellow Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, and Marines will continue to proudly put on the uniform each day, not only to honor those that sacrificed their lives for this country, but so that you and your son continue to have the right to your opinions.

          • Until, of course, you’re ordered to invade my home, right?
            Because that is certainly where this is heading- and what that uniform will one day require of you.

          • Remember when the national guard was required to confiscate weapons during Katrina? I think a good many of you are outstanding individuals.. but I don’t see mass disobedience when you are called on to remove people’s rights.

      • Elmwood

        very true, it’s p.c. to praise soldiers and repeat mindlessly “support the troops” (especially among conservatives) but when it comes to cops everyone likes to cry about being oppressed.

        in reality, we need the police much more than we need our military. however this doesn’t excuses cops for overstepping their authority, which is happening more and more.

        • RufusChoate

          Actually the creation of professional Metropolitan Police forces was a recent development in London in 1829 by Robert Peel. The primary mission of these police was the protection of government property but they later branched out in Criminal investigation. The fact is the Police are the baby sitters of the children of the Welfare Matriarchy and the general dissolution of the civil society by the Left.

          Free people with the natural law right of self defense don’t need the Police only the magistrate and the jailer.

          The Military and Foreign Policy are the only Constitutionally mandated functions of the Federal Government.

          • Elmwood

            i have a hard time seeing how fallen our society is, that doing away with cops would be a good idea. same with public education. both may be necessary evils at this point like the military.

            • RufusChoate

              Only because like all on the Left you worship the state as the solution to all problems. The Police are the care-takers and babysitters of the Welfare State.

              • chezami

                You seriously believe that somebody who thinks we need police, education and the military is ipso facto a Leftist? Wow.

  • Dave G.

    Is there an increase in these incidents? I’ve been seeing stories like this my whole life. I mean, there could be. But cops abusing their authority seems to have been around as long as cops.

    • Yes and no. Yes in the sense that we have more recorded incidents. However, as police have become less like peace officers and more like Law enforcement we’ve seen an increase. When the SC ruled that the police are not there to protect and then later added that they are allowed to lie, what was created was something of an “enforcer” type of cop. When the court puts them above the moral law, you have an issue. However, in so far that police had any authority, they’ve abused it. Early on it was under the direction of politicians and mobsters, but now as they’ve gained greater powers (and weapons and armor) these things have increased. The war on drugs has been the motivating factor.

  • SteveP

    “I thought I had freedom of speech here,” the man said.
    “You don’t. You just lost it,” the officer replied.
    Brought to you by the Live-and-let-live Society For A Better America a wholly owned subsidiarity of the moneyed class who reminds you: “Have a servile day!”

  • JohnE_o

    I suspect that this what has changed is not the number of such incidents, but rather that the widespread availability of video camera phones documents such incidents.

    • Also, the increasing power and availability of military-grade weapons and equipment, both to criminals and to police forces. Technology is a force multiplier, so smaller actions have greater impact; and even when not using military equipment, our police are being trained to expect and to act according to the greater impact.

      I don’t know what the solution is; criminals are going to continue to use the most powerful and effective tools they can get their hands on. Police need to be able to deal with such criminals without losing their own humanity.

  • dart

    Yes, we need watch dogs to ensure that authorities don’t abuse their power. What we don’t need are hecklers at every police response agitating the situation and making it more difficult than it already is for law enforcement.

    • What is the relationship between videographer and heckler? I guess one could be both but they are separate behaviors, aren’t they?

      I can understand an instruction to back up a few feet so you’re not in the way, beyond that, photography and videography is not a crime.

      • dart

        I’m referring to the voice that you hear in the first 20 seconds. I agree that the police officer crossed the line with the videographer. In general, my theory is that there is a correlation with a (presumably) obnoxious crowd and increasingly aggressive actions by law enforcement. The larger the crowd, the more stress the crowd puts on the officer (through noise, yells, aggressive behavior of individuals in the crowd, etc) and the more likely the stressed individual is going to react in an unwarranted manner. Increased training for law enforcement in these conditions is one control, but awareness by the public to remain calm is another control.

        • You seek to have the larger context taken into account. I would actually agree but you’re not going far enough to catch the widest perspective.

          Step back a bit more and you’ll see a repeated pattern of broken and stolen cameras, false arrests, and worse behavior. Radley Balko has been documenting this sort of thing for years.

  • RufusChoate

    These cops are fascistic thugs trying to hide their misbehavior. Nothing more.

    My Father, Grandfather and Great Grandfather were Philadelphia Police from 1870 until the 1980’s and both my Father and Grand Father abhorred the creation of Para-Military units called SWAT when they were first deployed. The reason they both agreed was they saw Police are Officers of the Peace and not troops deployed in heavily armed units to suppress citizens. That was the role of the National Guard in times of unrest not the Police. The State has militarized every aspect of its enforcement arms and that is clearly a problem for Liberty.

    Crimes go unsolved for decades while the Police are solely used to surpress and control crowds.

  • B.E. Ward

    I haven’t read this book (added it to my to-read pile), but I suspect a lot of the build-up of police strength has much to do with the direction our society has been heading.

    I think the vast majority of cops just want to help. I can’t imagine what it’s like to put on a uniform everyday that makes one an automatic target – for verbal abuse or worse. They’re humans too, and they don’t want to die. So they avail themselves of every advantage they can muster against mentally ill people (that our culture all-too-often abandons to the voices in their heads), thugs (that our culture has deemed ‘cool’), or the chemically-altered (which we either glorify or hasten to decriminalize).

    Plus, they’re up against a growing number of people who are raised to believe that ‘authority’ is some out-dated proven-false concept – and when someone tries to exert authority they’re automatically oppressors. Mind you, there certainly are oppressive cops who think ‘rights’ are the out-dated proven-false concepts, but I think they’re in the distinct minority.

    On top of all of that they’re just stretched ridiculously thin in a lot of places, or at least the budget is going to battering rams and armored vehicles rather than people. Around here we have ‘community officers’ that are supposed to be around and available to proactively work on issues before they become problems. But email or call one of them and see if you get a reply. Our two community officers cover a territory with easily 150K residents, many of those in an area known for drugs and prostitution.

    All that said, the militarization of the police force is definitely concerning. I just don’t know how you change it without steering society in a different direction.

    edit to add: Tangential to all of this is something from Rod Dreher today:


    • Dave G.

      Nicely put. I don’t think I disagree with anything you said.

  • UAWildcatx2

    I’m actually surprised that the police didn’t arrest the person filming this whole scene for…filming the whole scene.

  • Ronald King

    I do not think things have changed much since the 1950’s except with changes in technology, tactics and training. Candidates for the police force are required to have a battery of psych tests and interviews for screening out personality disorders. Good luck with that. The amount of suffering and violence one experiences on a daily basis can create what is known as a depressogenic environment in which there exists a persistent sense of anger and helplessness which becomes internalized and contributes to a chronic state of distress. This can negatively impact the totality of one’s life and create deficits in rational problem solving while contributing to being more reactionary.