A Grateful Nation Murders a 95 year old WWII Vet

A Grateful Nation Murders a 95 year old WWII Vet March 21, 2014

for refusing surgery and getting cranky.  The extremely dangerous 95 year old was confronted by a SWAT team of jackbooted thugs in riot gear who thoroughly tasered him and then shot him in the stomach with a beanbag gun, successfully murdering him in cold blood and ridding us of another Enemy of Freedom.

There was, of course, absolutely no other course of action for dealing with a feeble old man with a bad back and a walker.

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  • snowjak

    But … but a knife was pulled (in the passive voice, no less)!

    • StumbleBumble

      That’s no excuse for the brutality the “cops” used on this elderly man.

  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    I don’t understand this. I’ve known many cops in many years. None of them were like this. But his sort of news is becoming the norm. Even where I live in Maine (where the most dangerous thing on any given day is usually a stray moose), we have video on the news of four cops handcuffing a guy, throwing him to the pavement, tasing him, then beating him. The victim later died.
    What kind of people are we recruiting into our police forces?
    What are we doing wrong?

    • Dave G.

      Well said for saying ‘What are *we* doing wrong? Too often we assume the problem is everyone else. To be honest, I look at things like this and I have to think of two things. On one hand, this is what we get when the society we are passing onto your posterity is crumbling under our feet. On the other hand, you’ve had this sort of brutality as long as you’ve had people act in the name of anything. In fact, in a society like ours, that’s lost all sense of common decency, common good and common sense, I fear we’ll see more of it, and not just in the form of police brutality.

  • jaybird1951

    I would just add the comment that a “grateful nation” did no such thing. A couple of irresponsible cops in suburban Chicago did it. Mark is really in love with hyperbole.

    • chezami

      The pattern of weaponized, militarized overkill from a police force that is increasingly being prepared and trained to treat citizens as enemy subjects is well-documented in “Rise of the Warrior Cop” by Radley Balko. That’s why there are so many of these “isolated incidents”.. This stuff is policy from our Ruling Class, and is thus an action of the United States. Goons like this are selected *for*.

      • jaybird1951

        You may be right but you did not prove it, just asserted that it is policy to murder i.a. old veterans like this poor man. That is the implication of your statement.

  • Charlotte

    Apparently the cops were “afraid”. I doubt it; I think they were enraged. But if they were actually terrified by a 5’5″ crippled old man, knife or no knife, that level of cowardice is truly contemptible.

  • Gabriel

    Here they shoot them in the back and exclaim “booyah!”. This is the actual video of the murder so discretion is advised. The 38 year old transient died the next morning with 6 rounds fired from assault rifles. He had 2 pocket sized knives and was surrounded by at least 6 armed officers and a dog. The police chief said he directed an attack at the officers so it was all justified. His crime was illegal camping and not following orders from murdering cops.


  • Gabriel

    I am also reminded of Mother Theresa commenting that when we blithely allow killing of children in the womb it means there also is no reason for the rest of us to be killed likewise. I guess this is the 4th trimester abortion certain college students are in support of.