Best. Pharmacist. Evar!!!

Best. Pharmacist. Evar!!! March 21, 2014

Prescribes anti-monster spray for six year old troubled by monsters under her bed.

Also great is the comment under the article:

As a monster, I must say I am deeply offended by the tone of this article.

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  • meunke

    Similar Story:

    I have a friend here at work who works in IIS and is an ex-police officer. His son was scared of the other type of monsters: the ones in the closet. My friend took his son to Walmart, into the sporting goods section, and sought out one oldest employee he could find and explained to him that his son needed a ‘monster killing gun’ *wink*.

    The elderly employee took them over to the airsoft rack, where they have those really weak batter powered ones and began explaining to his son the various monster stopping qualities of each of the little transparent pistols. He picked one out and the employee made sure he had the correct color of ‘monster killing bullets’.

    My friend also put together a cardboard holster that sticks between his son’s mattress and box springs to hold his ‘monster killing gun’. Hasn’t had any other problems.

    You have to love employees that do things like that!

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    We made monster-away spray for my oldest, who was prone to nightmares (and sleepwalking).

  • Linebyline

    This is all just a ploy by Big Pharma to indoctrinate children into believing that pharmaceuticals are the solution to every problem.

    It wouldn’t have been necessary, except this family must be boiling their water to get rid of the mind-control fluoride.