Game Time!

Game Time! March 28, 2014

Mark Shea Bingo!


"The Catholic Church is a good deal more reasonable and compassionate now than it used ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."
"The number of Christian missions isn't an indicator of the health of a society.Good grief."

Dear Prolife Suckers
"Observing history and the magisterium's own teaching isn't "hate."Wow.The Catholic Church did abuse Native Americans. ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."
"Perhaps read the piece on hell by Avery Cardinal Dulles. A quick sound bite simply ..."

Where Peter Is has a nice ..."

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  • Jocelyn Jaquiery

    “Check thou it out” is missing.

  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    Also missing is, “Hi. I’m 12. This is funny.”