My readers are awesome

My readers are awesome March 12, 2014

A few days ago somebody wrote to ask for prayer in his struggle with porn. Now a reader very sweetly and humbly writes:

I don’t have a lot of advice to give, but I do have sympathy. I struggle with the exact same problem. It almost cost me one job, and has been my besetting sin for nearly 30 years. One thing I can definitely say is to please please please use something like OpenDNS to make it difficult to watch pornography at home. It’s not perfect, but it makes you have to work hard enough to watch porn that at the very least it makes you make a positive decision that it is what you want. Hopefully, it give you time to think over what you’re doing, and stop.
In addition, and if you think this is enabling don’t pass it on, but please get a personal phone or laptop and NEVER mix the two. A boob can cost you your job, and it is not worth it.
And please never stop trying to quit. It’s been almost two months for me, and with God’s grace I’ll make it through Lent without porn. It is sometimes the hardest thing for me to do, and I will say a rosary for your reader tomorrow. It sounds dumb to me- I mean, how hard could it possibly be to stop looking at pictures? But the fact is it is hard and it needs work to overcome.
This also seems to get left out with talking about pornography: please go to confession. It helps me sometimes to avoid pornography, and even when I fall down, it still helps to know that God forgives me, and will give me the grace to start again.

God love you, reader. We comfort with the comfort wherewith we are comforted. Thank you for your humility and charity to a struggling brother. Don’t you give up either!

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