Nascent Police States…

Nascent Police States… March 25, 2014

…select *for* people like this:

6 S.F. officers indicted over residential hotel searches

One-third of California town’s police force arrested for scheming cars from poor Hispanics

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  • Dave G.

    Because people throughout history acting on behalf of the authority of the state never did such things? Never had corrupt cops until now? This is daytime talk show arguing, not really making a case for anything.

  • jroberts548

    Why not focus on the good? What about the 2/3 of cops who weren’t stealing cars?

  • John

    This reminds me of people who cherry pick priests who have done bad things to prove that the Church is corrupt. It’s dumb and uncharitable when they do it and it’s not any better when you do it.

    • jroberts548

      You know what else is dumb and uncharitable? Watching your co-workers steal hundreds of cars and not doing anything about it.

      • Dave G.

        And you know the other 2/3 you mentioned down below were aware of this…how?

        • jroberts548

          It was a 15 person police department, that stole hundreds of cars. Either the other ten cops lack the crime solving skills that I would hope cops have, or they willfully ignored hundreds of cars stolen by people they worked with every day.

          • Dave G.

            So what you’re saying is you don’t actually have the evidence. Sort of the old ‘there’s no way the Popes didn’t know what was going on’ argument. No real evidence. Just a compelling accusation. For me, I prefer seeing actual evidence rather than “come on, how can they not be guilty’ as the best approach to prosecution. If I’m going to get concerned about the growing police state, I’m not going to inadvertently contribute to an environment that encourages the types of attitudes necessary to embrace a police state mentality in the first place.

        • kenofken

          If they weren’t they should be canned on that basis alone. They’re not bright enough to carry a gun and investigate crimes.

          • SteveP

            The law enforcement organizations in the US are not compelled to uphold laws they think are unjust. Thus says the chief enforcement officer of the chief executive of the US. Again, I am amazed that you can carry such hypocrisy without becoming physically crippled.

          • Dave G.

            That’s called a catch-twenty two. Either they are guilty, or they don’t deserve to be cops. Mark’s crusade to instill contempt and loathing for law enforcement officials is working.

            • chezami

              You should retract that slander. I make no attempt to instill contempt and loathing for law enforcement. I do attempt to war that the militarization and weaponization of the police by our Ruling Class is a bad thing.

              You owe me an apology.

  • Gabriel

    New Mexico is a police state. This killing by shots in the back of a homeless man with pocket knives from a week ago. His crime was failing to obey and illegal camping. This was the result of 3 hours negotiation. The police chief believes it was necessary use of force. This is common occurrence but the first time they have ever allowed video to be shown.