Pope Gets Last F-Bomb Out of His System…

Pope Gets Last F-Bomb Out of His System… March 4, 2014

before giving up cussing for Lent.

One more reason why I love Eye of the Tiber *and* this pope so much.

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  • Evan

    The link takes you to the previous post here at CAEI. Here’s the Eye of the Tiber link: http://www.eyeofthetiber.com/2014/03/04/pope-francis-gets-last-f-bomb-out-of-system-before-giving-up-cussing-for-lent/

  • Just goes to show how lyrical the Italians are- going English, Italian, Italian, English, Pratchet English, Italian, English it’s Case, Caso, Cazzo, Package, Fruit & Veg, Cazzo, Word that starts and ends like Firetruck but is a whole lot shorter.

  • Dave G.

    I thought the news stories I saw said it was a goof. But that’s why to love the Pope so much? Strange.

    • chezami

      Only strange if you don’t think it’s great the pope is a guy who goofs up like the rest of us.

      • Dave G.

        I just thought it odd. I mean, Pope’s are human. They goof. He goofs. It’s nice to know and remember, but not exactly why I would say ‘love this guy.’

        • Obpoet

          Perhaps there is more than one reason to love him. Just a thought.

          • Dave G.

            I’d think so. I just couldn’t figure how this would rank as one of them.

  • It’s the reason some people were endeared by Pius X loving to smoke his pipe. It’s nice to see a human being under the cassock.

  • Lorenz

    The pope does not speak English. English expletives are not part of his vocabulary. He just misspronounced the word ‘fun’. If he had uttered an Italian expletive then that would be different.

  • Francisco J Castellanos

    Get ready for the ultra-traditionalist- anti-Francis onslaught.
    Actually, in that context he is trying to say “…in this case, Divine Providence…etc” “caso” is very close in pronunciation to “cazzo”. Speech sound errors are not uncommon in bilingual speakers, particularly if they learn the new language later in life. I learned English more than 40 years ago, and I still get confused pronouncing sheat vs sheet vs cheat vs poop. Pope Francis speaks Italian very well, but his base language is Spanish.

    • Rosemarie


      Don’t know whether Reactionaries will make a big deal of this. If they do they will just come off as very petty. It was a slip of the tongue; we’ve all probably done something similar at one point or another in our lives.

      So far, the only bunch I’ve seen making hay of this is the news media. They usually like this pope, but this slip-up seems to have brought out their inner snickering eight year-old: “Oooooooo, the pope said a dirty word!” After seeing it mentioned on multiple news outlets I had to ask myself: Is this really news? Does it deserve this much coverage?

      • Rosemarie


        You might want to point out how in some Spainish dialects the word for “mosquito” is sometimes used as a euphemism for a man’s main reproductive body part. But not in every Spainish dialect. Hilarity ensues.

        This South American lady had us in stitches when she talked about her cousin from Mexico being poked by “mosquitos” and that there where “mosquitos” all over the place. Now swap that word out for something else and give in to your inner 8 year old.

        -James Scott

        • Rosemarie


          My husband posted the above but forgot to sign me out of Disqus.

          • Francisco J Castellanos

            I figured as much :-). My other hypothesis was multiple personality disorder, or as we now call it: “dissociative identity disorder.” 😉