An Analogy

An Analogy April 29, 2014

If Catholics for a Free Choice put out a T-Shirt with the Last Supper on it, reading “This is MY BODY: Support Choice!” Christians would very rightly regard it as sacrilege. Nobody would be twisting themselves into pretzels to say “It’s just a figure of speech. Lighten up. It’s just a joke.” So why make just such excuses when somebody blasphemes baptism for the mortal sin of torture?

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  • Peggy R

    She has been berated widely in the conservative media…hello?

    • Matt Talbot

      Peggy – and she got a roar of approval from the NRA crowd, and lots of the follow-up reaction was as Mark has stated.

      So, good on those in the rightist media who’ve called her out on this – including, by the way, the proprietor of this here place – but Mark’s point stands.

    • kirthigdon

      Has she? The big three of the conservative media are Hannity, O’Reilly, and Limbaugh. Perhaps you could also add Beck. Hannity has endorsed her views and I have not heard anything from the other three. Unlike Mark and some others here, I don’t count comboxes one way or the other since most of the commentary is anonymous and at least some of it deliberately provocative to discredit opponents. But the people I mentioned are big names and have shows. Apart from Palin supporter Hannity, have any of the rest of them or anyone similar berated Palin’s comments on torture?

      Kirt Higdon

    • If by “conservative media” you mean the small niche of conservative bloggers, yes, most have condemned her. Even those who naturally support Palin have long grown tired of her schtick.
      But have any major conservative groups? Conservative politicians? As Kirt mentions, what about the big talk radio people? Palin’s still a rock-star in the movement, and she’s one of the reasons it’s gotten considerably smaller since 2008, and why Republicans are still a tossup to take the Senate when since his inauguration i 2013, Obama has handed them gift after gift after gift.

  • I was appalled and sickened at her statement. To think that I actually voted for this woman for Vice-President! Watching her video appearance, I was shocked at how much she has aged and well, coarsened in her manner and appearance in just six years. All the attacks must have hit her hard. Let’s not forget she needs prayers more than anything.

  • peggy

    Hannity appears to be a lone wolf from what I’ve seen. I notice he did repeat the baptism analogy, but Palin did not and said she’d do whatever it took, which is a different Q that also has moral implications. Hannity appears to want to take the same tack of doing “whatever it takes.” We’ll have to see where he ends up if he’s going to keep ignoring the religious offense.

    Mark’s posts on this are his typical broad brush accusations of a whole class of people. There are clearly divergent views. And, Hannity appears to be only the media figure backing her up from what I have read so far.

    I also wonder if she intended to offend radical Muslims by threatening to “baptize” them as well. We are infidels after all..

    • chezami

      Not at all. According to Pew research, he is joined by a roaring throng of conservative Catholics and Evangelicals. The basic rule of thumb is, the more devout and “prolife” the Christian, the more likely he is to cheer for torture. That’s why she used it as a punchline: she knew that mob would eat it up.

  • Mark.

    Hey, Luther famously said that he’d baptize a Jew “in the name of Moses” by hanging a millstone from his neck and kicking him off a bridge into a river, so this sort of blasphemous nonsense has a long pedigree.

  • AquinasMan

    Thank you, Mr. Shea, for opening my eyes after years of letting my political convictions inform my religious faith. To paraphrase my namesake, political victories are “so much straw” in the face of the unchanging Truth, Who is God. Praise God for His Church. Praise God for our newest saints. The Truth indeed sets us free.

    • chezami

      Praise God indeed!

  • Athelstane

    I’m actually gratified that critics of Palin are so many on the right, and defenders so few.

    She’s finally reaching terrain where many will no longer go. A moment of clarity, if you will. Except, of course, for Sean Hannity, who passed the point of caricature long ago.

    Conservatism has come a long way since Russell Kirk. Perhaps this is a sign it can find its way back, one day.

    • chezami

      She’s only gotten rebukes from a few at the top, who are regarded by the by bloodthirsty mob cheering for Palin as RINO’s for their condemnation of her sentiments. As Pew Research shows, love of torture is a solid winner among conservatives, and nowhere more strongly than among “devout” “prolife” conservative Catholics and Evangelicals. That is the real scandal here.