Foul Temptress Punished

Foul Temptress Punished April 10, 2014

Noble Member of Ruling Class Keeps his Job. Cuz he’s a Family Values Republican Christian, Doncha Know.

Consequences are for Little People.

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  • Mark S. (not for Shea)

    Back when society was civilized, this guy would’ve been tied to a post in front of the capitol and publicly whipped.

    • MarylandBill

      Just a thought, but when society was civilized, footage from a surveillance camera would never have been published by a reputable newspaper. I am not trying to defend his actions. At the same time, I find the level of surveillance we are all potentially under these days to be a little frightening.

  • silicasandra

    I am not sure if the correction had been published when you posted, but the article has been updated to state that she voluntarily resigned and was not fired. Now, whether or not the resignation was *really* voluntary is up for consideration, but I have to say if I had been caught in some kind of scandal like this, resignation would have been tempting just to avoid further being in the public eye.

    Maybe there is more info that I am missing, but it seems to me the Congressman is reacting the way that he should have: admitting that it was him (since there was a question of identity in the original images), admitting that it was wrong, and apologizing. How often does a politician actually apologize for anything? It also makes me glad I don’t serve the public – I don’t want my sins (and there are many) to be of interest to the public, to the degree that I would feel like my private sins impacted whether or not I get to keep my job.

    • Nathaniel

      As has been noted elsewhere, the “apology” somehow never got around to mentioning the husband of the woman he cheated with. Along with statement from said husband that indicates that this politician only started to care about Jesus when he needed votes, it all adds up to a picture of a lying jerk-weasel.

      • silicasandra

        Fair enough. I know nothing about this person except this story.

  • Procopius

    Ugh! The mental image! Politics really is “show business for ugly people”

  • The Deuce

    Ugh. Republicans used to at least have the decency to step down when caught. But no, now we’ve got to have Equal Shamelessness for everyone.

    And if he’s actually sorry, then how about apologizing to wronged husband and actually making restitution rather than just the typical insincere “apology” to the public and obligatory “promise” to “win back their trust” (which, conveniently, involves doing nothing more on his part than continuing to hold onto his office and political power).

  • Elmwood

    it’s only a problem when clinton does it.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      It is? Clinton was removed from office?

    • Dave G.

      Actually no. That’s when we learned that all that hype about character and morals was overblown, and perjury doesn’t really mean that much, and anything to do with sex (apparently including sexual harassment) was no big deal.

      • Elmwood

        Ha ha… Very true.

  • Colleen

    I am more impressed by the fact that someone actually wanted to kiss him…blech. And is that Soul Glo in his hair?