Reader Rachel Cooley writes

Reader Rachel Cooley writes April 26, 2014

35 years have passed since John Paul II started teaching on the body at his weekly audiences – and now he is to be a saint. Wow! Would you be open to writing about Theology of the Body in the context of his canonization? The Theology of the Body Institute is hosting a TOB Congress this summer with the theme “Love, Mercy & the New Evangelization”. As you can guess from the theme, they are going to focus on how to communicate God’s plan for the body in today’s world. In American culture, there are countless assaults of marriage, the family and the body itself that are answered in full in Theology of the Body. This is an essential tool for all Catholics hoping to defend the truth!

Theology of the Body Institute underwent this project as a way to continue the work of JPII, therefore honoring him. I thought it would make a good post to get people talking about positive ways to communicate with people who don’t share Catholic values for marriage/family. Theology of the Body Institute and this summer’s Congress is a wonderful educational resource for people who hope to make a difference in this way.

For information on the Congress, visit More info on the Institute, visit

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