They Think They Might be Able to Clone a Mammoth

They Think They Might be Able to Clone a Mammoth April 8, 2014

As somebody who thinks Jurassic Park would be extremely cool, I favor this.

Plus, I want to see Putin, shirtless, and riding one of these in battle, painted on the side of a van at a New Jersey rest stop.

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  • Thibaud313

    With any luck this is only the first step in creating actual Mûmakil. And then we only have to genetically engineer Fell-Beasts, Wargs and some trolls and we can have some real life re-enactement of the battle of Minas Tirith.

    Can we honestly pretend that our Tolkien fanboyism would not far, far, FAR outweigh our concern for human life and the respect of God’s Creation ?

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      We get a lot of snow here in Maine. I REALLY want to ride a Tauntaun to work someday.

    • Heather

      You, Sir or Madam, win the internet.

      • Thibaud313

        Sir. Thibaud is a French boy name. Useless trivia ! One Peanuts character was actually named Thibault (first appearance : June 4 1970).

        • Heather

          Cool. I figured likely but I’ve seen Thibaud as a surname too – one of the teachers at my junior high was Monsieur Thibaud – so didn’t want to assume.

  • bear

    A few years ago someone wanted to clone Neanderthals. Now this. What happens when the Mammoths and Neanderthals turn out to happen to have hitherto unknown skills, kill their jailers and escape their cages and start taking over? Cenozoic park, here we come!

    • D.T. McCameron

      I think I saw a similar Futurama episode…

  • PalaceGuard

    “…Putin, shirtless, and riding one of these in battle…” I’m blind! I’m BLIND!!! (Fortunately, I can still touch type.)

  • Donna

    Wouldn’t a thylacine be easier than a mammoth ?

  • Skyjumpr

    Mmmm mammoth burgers – the real cause of their extinction.

  • Paul Stilwell

    Pick one or the other, Mark. You cannot serve both Trog and Mammoth.

  • Sean P. Dailey

    Sure, Mark. After all, what could it hurt?

  • Elmwood

    Can’t figure out why anyone would be opposed to such a noble effort.

  • Cathy K

    I, for one, welcome our Neanderthal overlords.

    • Mark S. (not for Shea)

      Could their performance be any worse than our current overlords? I mean really?