Very Perceptive

Very Perceptive April 14, 2014

“Desiring to be persecuted means wishing that one of your siblings was your enemy, just so you could get a chance to be badass.” – Leah Libresco

And, by no coincidence at all, Reactionaries perpetually moan/boast about being persecuted everytime somebody objects to them denouncing 99% of the Church, including the Pope, as their enemies.

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  • Dave G.

    Hmmmm. That’s not my experience. Most I read and listen to here in the states seem to say persecution is going to happen, when they say it at all, then go on with their Netflix or latest smartphone app. Not really doing anything about it or even acting like it’s a big deal.

    • faithandfamilyfirst

      Persecution isn’t going to happen. It is happening. When the government says that you must pay for other people’s abortions, and you have no choice but to comply, then you are being persecuted. When the government says that you must refer pregnant women for abortion if you want to help them escape the clutches of human traffickers, and you must comply or you have to get out of the assistance business, then you are being persecuted. When the government says that you must approve, support, and celebrate perverse sexual practices of two (or more) men or two (or more) women, and you will be fined and (soon) imprisoned if you dare speak against it, then you are being persecuted. And that’s just in this country. Around the world, Christians are being killed every day for their faith. That enemy ain’t no sibling. I always fall back on Belloc’s quote that, when persecution hits full force, it will be morning. Yep. Nothing wrong with accepting the inevitable.

  • Peter Williams

    As a reactionary, I appreciate your admonition and will use this opportunity to reflect on the ways I’ve fallen short in my attempts to follow Christ – particularly when it comes to embracing bitterness rather than forgiveness. I will also keep your family in my prayers during this trying time. Fortunately, Holy Week provides us a powerful time for fervent prayers and spiritual growth.