Weekend Goofery

Weekend Goofery May 31, 2014

Remove a single letter from a book, TV or movie title and come up with something funny.

Samples: Mein Kamp: Scouting with Hitler
The Tale of Peter Rabbi: Jewish Origins of the Papacy (HT: Michael Ward, who also suggested “Jurassic Par”: on prehistoric golfing)
3:10 to Uma: My bus ride to Ms. Thurman’s house
Om Sawyer: Mark Twain’s Guide to Buddhism
Stranger in a Strange Lan: Heinlein tries to figure out these damn new gadgets

Jws: Stephen Spielberg’s ambiguous film about Ashkenazi scientists studying marine carnivorous fish who devour Jehovah Witnesses
One with the Wind: Rhett Butler has his consciousness raised by a New Age Guru
The Ion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: Particle physics and the occult–for kids!

Last but not least, a hat tip to Brandon Vogt, who suggested this to me and who is publishing “Saints and Social Justice: A Guide to Hanging the World” 🙂

Now you go.

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