Woman Films Her Abortion…

Woman Films Her Abortion… May 15, 2014

to help the sisterhood see how “cool” it is.

Lizzie Scalia does a compassionate autopsy on the heart wounded by this lie.

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  • Humphey

    Sad eyes and tone of her voice somehow make this very evil girl a victim.

    How come that the mafia members get “repent before is too late” and this even more evil members of society get “you are a victim, i will pray for you”.

    • Mike

      Because the “issue” if you can call it that with this women is that she is beyond repent and needs to be prayed for because she is a victim of an ideology that is deceitful; the mafia brute is perhaps not yet beyond repentance and is not in the grips of an ideology but committing sins and probably knows they’re sins but this women denies even the existence of sin?

    • Matt Talbot

      “this very evil girl”

      I read that, and winced. How did Jesus deal with people – especially women – who did evil things? Think of the woman caught in adultery, the woman at the well, and so on. “Neither do I condemn you.”

      Jesus was not in the habit of describing sinners as evil – the one exception being those who presumed to sit in judgement of others.

      • Humphrey

        “Go and sin no more” i see you forget that part.But ok.

        If there was a video of some serial killer killing a child i doubt anybody would call him a victim.

        Forget that,i am sure there would be people calling him a victim and saying we have no right calling him evil.

        • “Go and sin no more” is always forgotten.

  • Matt Talbot

    Great post by Scalia. THAT is how to talk about abortion.

  • Humphrey

    So just to be clear, is Matt Talbot right,have i sinned because i called this woman evil?

    • Mike

      Not sure but i think the Catholic view may be that SHE is NOT evil but has committed EVIL is promoting evil etc. etc. The Church is sure that pulling out a tiny person’s body out of its mother’s womb before it can survive on the outside is evil but it doesn’t know for sure whether doing it will get you damned…only God knows that.

    • Matt Talbot

      Humphrey – Just to be clear from my end, I wasn’t calling you a sinner (I’m in no position to be hurling accusations, trust me on this), I was more just reacting to something in your phrasing that bothered me. There is no such thing as an “evil person” – just people who do evil things. Christ’s approach was to meet sinners where they were, and show them the sorrow that was already in their hearts for what they had done.

      • chad

        Is it possible to “do” evil when all that God created is good? Or is it choosing the wrong good?

        • chezami

          Yes. It is possible to do evil. Evil is a disordered love of some good.

          • chad

            Does it follow that evil only takes the form of an action, or intent, or thought? Evil cannot be a thing since all God created is good. And what constitutes a “thing” anyways? Is love a thing? Brain starting to hurt… no need to follow me down this rabbit hole.

    • chezami


  • JM1001

    The video is actually more disturbing for what it doesn’t show than for what it does show.

    We never actually see the human who has just been killed. On the one hand, I am grateful for that, since such a gruesome thing is not something I wake up every morning eager to see. But, on the other hand, saying you are going to “film an abortion” — without actually showing what that entails — is disturbingly dishonest and wrong. It’s too clean and sterilized.

    It would be like someone who says, “I am going to film war,” but only films soldiers marching with their guns, with all the carnage, death, destruction, and PTSD comfortably out of view. You have not filmed war, then; you have filmed a childlike, sterilized conception of war.

    When people are truly confronted with the horrors of death, this is how they react.

    But when you sterilize death, and make it something nice and clean and comfortably out of view, it makes death easier to swallow and ignore. Before you can convince a culture to embrace death, you must first sterilize it; people would not willingly accept it otherwise.

  • Mike

    PS If there’s no actual footage of the little body being pulled out of her how do we know that she didn’t fake the whole thing?

  • adevar@hotmail.com

    I am thinking about those men who do not provide food to their unborn children ( of course, through the mother’s umbilical cord…ha,ha,ha, how else ?).

    As the child “steals” food from the mother, this means that the mother has to be given more food to eat.
    And who is supposed to give more food to the mother? Isn’t the father?

    What happens if the father just “disappears ” ? isn’t the father a killer ?
    Is it called abortion , too?

    • Newp Ort

      No. Absent father is a lot less evil than murdering father.