I propose Seattle (and American Media) have a John Meis Week

I propose Seattle (and American Media) have a John Meis Week June 6, 2014

in which all attention is focused on him, his background, what made him the person he is, why he acted as he did.  As to the gunman and all like him, the media should adopt this as their strategy for him and all future maniac losers:  Let his name be blotted out and remembered no more.  Do not speak it.  Do not show us his face.  Let him go down to oblivion, remembered only by God, who I pray will have mercy on his miserable soul.

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  • anna lisa

    We have entered a new era of violence, and I can’t see the way out of it.
    I have a beautiful nephew who is a track star at UCSB. He lives just a stone’s throw from where the shootings happened here. My 20 year old, her 17 year old brother and some cousins were at the block party the gunman had considered targeting the month before.
    I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but I don’t think it will get better. Nobody is safe from this anymore.
    …Wounded souls, lashing out at a world they don’t understand.
    I’m so sorry it happened there too.

    • chezami

      God love you, Anna Lisa!

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I agree.
    It occurs to me that the way the media spends hours of time covering a criminal’s life, speculating about it, analyzing and re-analyzing what his parents did or didn’t do, etc., is really another way our society objectifies the person. All the little picking apart of someone’s life sets them up as someone to pity (Look at the poor guy, never had a break, no wonder he snapped) or a monster (Geez, he had everything, and he still did this!) or both, and serves to separate that criminal from the rest of us. We can breathe a sigh of relief that we aren’t that low or that monstrous or that we have perservered through it all. There is a different tone to it when they are holding up a hero. There is some respect for the person, because we don’t want to distance ourselves from heroes, only monsters and the pitiful.

  • Pete the Greek

    He saw his opening and he closed to engage with the enemy. Real backbone, real courage!

    I agree. More of that man, please!

  • Dave G.

    Absolute hero. His should be a household name.

  • SteveP

    Please do highlight him over the next week—his act of love, the willingness to lose his life for his friends, is real news.

  • SparcVark

    The Seattle Times has an article with more background:


    I read elsewhere that he is an Electrical Engineering major. In addition to outstanding courage, he showed excellent judgement under stress, subduing the guman when he stopped to reload. His sangfroid is certainly in the best engineering tradition.

  • People are already celebrating Jon Meis; in fact, word has gotten around that he’s getting married later this month, and a number of admiring strangers have already bought the complete contents of the wedding registry for him and his bride-to-be.


    What a sweet, thoughtful idea. America at its best.

    As for the gunman, he survived and will probably be put on trial, so this is probably not over yet. I wish he would just have the decency to plead guilty then disappear into his punishment.