Why Not the Bible Alone?

Why Not the Bible Alone? June 26, 2014

Yr Obdt. Svt. on Sacred Tradition and the unreality of Bible Only revelation.

This is in English, but I’m gratified to hear that CERC will be translating some of my stuff into Spanish.

I’d really love to start geting my stuff translated in Chinese.

One of these days….

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  • tz1

    I would be a Protestant except sola scriptura was a dismal failure.
    It was probably by youthful innocence and ignorance, that I assumed scripture had no ambiguities nor contradictions. Then I investigated.

    First, the loose canon. Does the set containing all sets that do not contain themselves, contain itself? What is “scripture”? It must be defined by an authority at least equal to scripture, but must exist before scripture.

    Second comes the contact lens. The cross. AstigmatAism. There are few things more literal in scripture than the Eucharist, transubstantiation, John 6 and the only words in red in the Epistles. Yet you can make the case. And any case. Feminism or fundamentalism.

    Third comes the revisionism. Before 1930, contraception was a graver sin for Protestants than Catholics. Now it is encouraged. The text of Scripture didn’t change. Worse, many criticizing “modernism” only mean 40 years ago, rejecting feminism and other things post mid 1970’s, but accept the 180 on contraception.

    Fourth comes our Lord and Savior. He could have written a book and selected 12 paperboys. Instead, he chose 12 apostles, one as prime-minister with the keys. Jesus was capable of writing a perfect, unambiguous, non-contradictory list. Instead of a book, he gave us himself – his teaching indirectly, and his person under bread and wine.

    • sez